40 Best Board Games for Kids In 2022

When your kids are born there are a lot of things that you think about that start from their name and then it just goes on and on.

40 Best Board Games for Kids In 2022

For the name part, you can simply look for the top 100 baby names but later in life when you have to entertain them you start to worry.

For that, we would suggest you some board games for kids that you can make them play and we will help you find them.

Animal upon Animal: 

We would love to start this article with a game that is really fun to play with kids i.e. the animal upon the animal. In this game, you and your kid will have to place animals over each other. The playtime of this game is 15 minutes and your kid will learn dexterity through this game.

Candy Land: 

The next game that we are going to talk about is candy land. This game is kids’ favorite because it is so colorful. The playtime of this game is 15 minutes and your kid will learn the ability to match as well as recognition of colors.

Banana Blast: 

The next fun game that we are going to talk about is the banana blast. In this game, kids roll a die and choose the banana. Kids can also enjoy it by giving or taking bananas from friends. The playtime of this game is 15 minutes and through this, your kids learn subtraction and addition.

Fish Card Game:

 If your kid is someone who loves to play around with fish or sea-related things this game is perfect for them. The playtime for this game is 10 minutes and your kids will learn recognition of colors through this game.

Story Cards: 

One thing that you must have noticed about kids is they love to hear stories. This is what makes them interested in this game. This is the game that will help your kid learn great imagination and they will also learn the art of storytelling.

Disney Character Matching:

 We know that kids are so much into Disney and its characters and this game is exactly for these kids. Your kids will be able to find different characters and match them like Mickey Mouse, etc. Your kid will learn matching through this game and enjoy it.

Dragon’s Breath

In this game, your kids pretend like they are the dinosaurs and they tend to melt the ice through the imaginary fire. The playtime of this game is 15 minutes and the skill that your kids will learn through this game is color matching. Definitely one of the best board games for kids.

Don’t Break The Ice:

 The next game that we are going to talk about is doing break the ice which is really fun and enjoyable. Kids try to tap the blocks with a small mallet, and they have to save the penguin from falling. Your kids will learn strategy-making through this game.

First Orchard

The game that we are going to mention now is the first orchard in which the kids pretend to harvest different fruits in their baskets. Your kids will learn how to count with the help of this game and they will love it too.

Hi Ho Cherry: 

This game again is slightly similar to the game that we have just mentioned above because kids again harvest fruits in their basket in this game too. With the help of this game, your kid will learn subtraction, addition as well as counting.

Hungry Caterpillar

We think that it is one of the most fun games for kids because in this game they have to collect puzzles and make the caterpillar eat them. The playtime of this game is 10 minutes and your kids will learn decision-making through this game.

Monkey Around:

 The next game again is very fun. In this game, the kids have to pick the card and act whatever is written on them. This game helps your kids learn motor skills. You should make your kids play these games because this also comes under the responsibilities of a mother to her child.


This game is fun and tricky for the kids because they have to find a penguin that is similar looking to the color on the dice. This will help your kid to in boosting their memory and get a sharper brain for sure. They will definitely love this game.


 The game Ludo is unknown to nobody because it is played in every household. Through this game, your kid will learn strategy as well as improve their mathematic skills. It is definitely a fun game to play with your kids.

Pete the Cat:

Because the kids love to watch the cartoons Pete the cat, they love to play this game too. This game also improves the matching skills of your kids and if they love these cartoons, they will definitely love this game.

Rat-A-Tat Cat:

 Rat-A-Tat cat is again a very fun game to play. In this game, your kid has to decrease the number by getting rid of all the cards with greater numbers. Your kids will learn math through this game and the playtime of this game is 20 minutes.


Everyone in the brown household specifically knows this game because it is played a lot in these houses. Carom will help your kid make their target hitting better and also help them learn strategy through this game.


 The sequence is the game that is thought to be the game for adults which is right but the sequence that we are talking about is specified for kids. This game consists of animals on the cards and they have to find the matching animal on the board.

Stack Up: 

Just as the name states this game is thought to stack the 12 blocks one over the other. Once the building is made a smasher comes to smash it. Help your kid learn balancing through this game and enjoy it with them.


Uno again is the game that is thought to be the game for adults but this one is specifically for kids. In Uno moo for kids, they have to match the colors. This games’ playtime is 15 minutes and with this game, your kids will learn animals’ names.


Well, you must have heard about the game bingo, meet the sister of that game called Zingo. This game is known to be award-winning. In this game, kids have to find and match the animals on cards and board. The first one to fill the board wins the game.


The next game that we are going to talk about is the game Qwirkle. This game requires a lot of strategy making so this will definitely boost your kids’ brains.


The next game that we are going to talk about is again one of the most famous games called Catan. In this game, your kids have to match animals on the cards and the board. This will again help them in improving their memory.


 Trouble is a very fun game and against the name, it never causes any trouble to the kids. In this game, the kids have to roll the dice and help the pegs reach the finish line. This game is best if you want to improve the strategy-making skill of your kid.

Hungry Hippos:

Hungry hippos are one game that we personally love so much too. In this game, you have to press the buttons of your hippos and they have to collect the marbles. The more the marbles, the more chances to win the game.


Yahtzee is a very fun game because in this game you do not need to have any board because you can play it on an empty surface. In this game, it is all about rolling the dice and believing in your good luck.

Tabletop Cornhole:

This is a game that is perfect for kids who do not want to go outside and play. You can just simply place this and start catapulting the small bean bags into the hole. It will make your kid happy and keep them busy for a long time.

Crocodile Dentist: 

This game is really fun for all the kids who want to keep playing the role of a doctor. In this game, you have to assess the teeth of the crocodile and you can easily do it without getting your fingers chomped.

Bugs in the Kitchen: 

If you are looking for a game that is fun and with that, it is also very entertaining and adventurous then you need to have this board game. You will just have to roll the dice, make a pathway and then trap the bug. Your kids will surely enjoy it.

Monopoly Frozen-themed: 

We all know how monopoly is loved throughout the world and what better than finding one for your kids? The monopoly which is frozen themed can easily be played by kids. They can buy and sell anything on this board game.

Greedy Granny: 

Even though this game is thought to be slightly silly it is one of the most loved games by kids. In this game, you have to steal granny’s dishes before she wakes up, or else her teeth will pop out and it will scare you.


Pictionary is one game that has survived for decades now and with your children you can reminisce all the memories of your childhood. The best part about this drawing is the worse you will draw the more interesting it will get.


Scrabble is also one game that has been with the kids for a very long time. With scrabble, your kid will learn a lot of new vocabulary and with them, you will find an excuse to play this really fun and mind-boggling game.

Guess Who:

Guess who again is one game that is loved by kids and adults. In this game, one kid will act like the person on the card and the other one will have to guess the right name. This game also gets really interesting with time.


 Now, if you are somebody who wants to develop your kid’s brain to a new level before they reach the adult age this game is perfect. Chess actually consumes a lot of your brain and the kids will find it really interesting to play too.

The Game of Life: 

The game of life has not only been kids’ favorite but it is also loved by adults all around the world too. Through this game, you can actually enjoy a good family time and just have fun.


Bananagrams is just another game that is very similar to the game scrabble. In this game, you will have to form new words and enjoy them with your kids. And with that, you can put all the words in the banana pouch again.

Apples to Apples: 

Apples to Apples are the game of comparison and this game is thought to be one of the most fun games for sure. You can play this game with your family and enjoy a very good time.


There are always some games that bring back a lot of memories with them. Fishing is one of those games because everyone has played this game in their childhood. In this game, you have to collect as many fishes as possible with the help of a string.

Twister Ultimate: 

Now, the last game that we are going to talk about is a life-size game. In this game, there are a lot of balls made in different colors and the person standing on them has to twist himself according to the instruction of the opponent. If you fall, you lose.

If you want to make your baby a happy baby then it is important that you spend time with them what is the better way to spend time with your kids by playing different fun games?

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