10 Best Party Games for Kids in 2022

When you have a baby you have to think of a lot of things with them including naming them as the first responsibility that can easily be solved by finding the top 100 baby names.

After that when they are growing up you have to celebrate their birthdays and for that, you need to find things that can make their birthday amazing. For that, we are here to tell you about the fun party games for kids that you play with them and help them enjoy no matter if it is a special event or you want to do it just like that.

Pass the Parcel:

When we think of the party games there are a few names that immediately come into our mind and one of them has to be the pass the parcel game.

In this game, the kids are constantly passing each other the parcel and as soon as the music banging behind stops, whoever is holding the parcel has to say some truth or has to fulfill the dare that the opponents have given to him. This definitely is a very fun game to play.

The Chocolate Game:

Talking about the games that we are sure your kids would love to play at the parties including the chocolate game which has to be everyone’s favorite at the party.

In this game, you will have to give a big cube of chocolate to the kids and with that, they will have to roll the dice. Whoever gets a 6 on the dice has to immediately start eating the chocolate with a knife and fork. Until the other contestant gets a 6, the previous one has to keep eating the chocolate.

Sleeping Lions:

Now, there are times in the party games when you are just tired of all the noise that these little lions are constantly creating in the play area. This is exactly when you need to play this game called the sleeping lions.

In this game, the kids have to lay down on the floor and they have to sleep in the same position. The first person to be moving in the game loses, and the last person who remains is going to win the game.

Guess the Cartoons: 

When you are done playing all the different games with the kids are the party and you are looking for some relaxing party games for kids then you can just play the cartoon on TV and ask them to guess the cartoons or the cartoon characters.

Whoever guesses the cartoon character first will win the prize and whoever does not answer even a single cartoon character will get some fun punishment. If you are looking for some fun cartoon ideas you can look for the What Are Some Cartoons Like The Baby Shark That Your Kids Can Watch? This will give you a lot of fun ideas.

Kim’s Game:


When we talk about the games that are very old but are still loved by people around the world then we need to add this fun game called Kim’s game for the kids.

What you basically have to do in this game is take one kid at a time and give him a paper to write on. You will have to put some random objects and cover them with a box. Take the box off for a few seconds to show to the kid and ask them to write as many as they remember. The one writing the most names will win the game. This is definitely a game that is worth playing with kids at parties.

Musical Chair:

The next game that we are going to talk about is again one of the oldest games to be played at any party with kids and again just as loved like anything. Yes, we are talking about the musical chair.

If you do not already know what you have to do in this game we will simply explain it to you. Take chairs as that of the kids, definitely one lesser than the kids, play the music whoever loses the chair loses the game. Whoever remains till the end will win the game.

Dumb Charades:

Coming to the next game, this again is loved by kids as well as elders. Dumb charades is a game that you can play at any age.

In this game, you have to take pages and then write the names of different characters on them. Make two teams, one of them will act the characters out, and the other one will guess. Whoever takes more scores will surely win the game.

Egg and Spoon Race:

If you want to or are looking for games that will put the kids in a competitive spirit then this game called egg and spoon race will be one of your best choices for sure.

Give the kids spoons and an equal amount of egg placed on it. The kids then need to walk while holding the spoon in their mouths and eggs on it. Whoever wins the race without breaking the egg, will win the game.

Treasure Hunt:

Kids naturally have the habit of liking games that put them curiosity or that intrigues them and this game is one of the most liked games by kids.

In this game, you have to take some specific objects and then hide them. You will have to make the kids guess the areas by writing them on small pages. Whoever finds the most objects wins the game. If you are looking for more such ideas you can look for creative things to do with kids near me.

The Doughnut Challenge:

The last game that we are going to mention is a very sweet game, yes, quite literally sweet. In this game what you need to do is have some strings tied and then doughnuts attached to them. All the kids will have to jump and bite the doughnuts. Whoever finishes the doughnut first wins the game.

Also, do not forget to have some wet wipes for your kids’ sticky faces.

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