Top 10 best history Channels on YouTube for Kids in 2022

As the world is growing every single day and everything is getting quick with evolution similar thing happened with technology.

Technology has started to cover every single place and it would not be wrong to say that we are all addicted to it because it is like a solution to every single problem.

With that being said, in this article, we will talk about some best history channels for kids. When you gave birth to your kid, you must have searched for the top 100 baby names why not do the same thing for their education?

Top 10 best history channels on YouTube for kids in 2022

Hands-on history:


The first channel that we are going to talk about is the hands-on history YouTube channel that we know will be a great choice for your kids.

It is a cartoon channel in which a kid is traveling in time and that too in different times of history to show people how it was like at that time.

If you want to help your kid know more about different eras and different periods of time then this would work great for you and your kid.

Smart songs:

The next channel that we are going to talk about is very interesting and very intriguing because it is all covered in songs and really fun.

On this channel, different things about history like the continents, voting, and constitutions are being told to the kids in the form of songs.

For kids, it is easier to remember things in the form of songs so they would really enjoy it and also memorize it very easily.

They will also love getting to know about all the details in a fun way, especially those kids who do not like to study this subject because they find it boring.

History den:

The next amazing history channel that we would really like to mention is called history den. This channel is a great history teacher.

There are short videos on this channel for your kid and that too cover a very large area of history with illustrations.

Crash course:

Now if you want to find a channel for your kid that you think is informative, teaches well, but is also not very long then you need to get a hang of this channel called the crash course.

There are a lot of short videos covering a very wide range of the world’s history that you can easily show to your kid to get them interested.

This channel is basically a combination of tutors from all around the areas to teach different things about history and that too very nicely.

Just as cartoons like a baby shark that your kids can watch you should also get them involved in these history channels for more informative content.

The history channel:

The history channel is the next channel that is making a great change in the way how students should learn history.

The videos on this channel are really in-depth and they are very fun to watch so your kid will surely love these videos and learn a lot from them.


Now you might think that it is an absurd suggestion but we do not think so because there is no other channel that can combine both history and entertainment better than Disney.

There are a lot of different cartoons that come on this channel that will inform your kids about history in a very subtle way that they will learn everything without even realizing it.

You should try this technique because it will really be beneficial for them.

WWI uncut:

There are a lot of different aspects of history that you can tell your kids and that you think are important for them to know.

For that type, there are some separate defined channels that you can show to your kids. For that matter, if you want your kids to know more about wars then this is a perfect channel for them to watch.

On this channel, you will find everything very deeply about wars and whatever happened in those wards.

Not just that but they will also be able to know the other details like how it started, what were the consequences etc.

Epic history TV:

The next channel that we are going to talk about is epic history TV we think should be on this list for all the right reasons.

This is the channel that actually has all the epic details about history just like the name says. This is the channel that works more in the form of documentaries.

This is the channel that is more focused on the dramatic aspects of history and we are sure your kid is going to love it.

Just like the top 10 best TV channels for kids you should also teach your kids about the history channels so they know everything in detail.

The touring teacher:

The next channel that we are going to talk about is not something that only your kid is going to love but we think you will love it more than them.

Yes, we are talking about the channel called the touring teacher where the teacher travels to all the historical places and makes the kids visit them virtually too.

This is a really fun channel to watch and you, along with your kids will surely enjoy watching it.

A kid explains history:

The last channel that we are going to talk about in this article is a kid who explains history. This again is going to be your kid’s favorite history channel.

On this channel, there is a kid who is just 12 years old and he talks everything about history and teaches the kids well.

This channel is all covered up by a kid, so the kids are definitely going to love this channel. They will keep watching it again and again.

This again will be your great choice for kids to watch history. We are sure you are going to love all the suggestions that we have given.

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