Top 20 Kids Activities Near me in the USA.

After you become a parent you know that you can not be stuck in just one place and need to go out with the kids so that they do not get bored of sitting at home. 

In this article, we will tell you about the kid’s activities near me which will help you find good places in the USA to go and have fun with your kids.

Cheyenne mountain zoo:

Zoos are places where the kids enjoy the most. This zoo called the Cheyenne mountain zoo is located in Colorado Springs, United States.

It is present about 6714 feet above sea level and the area covered by this zoo is 140 acres. This zoo consists of about 750 different animals and it represents about 150 different species of animals. In the USA this zoo is considered to be the 4th best Zoo.

Worlds of fun:

When we are talking about the kid’s activity and that too in the USA then we cannot forget to mention this park called the worlds of fun that is located in Kansas City, USA. 

When it is about kids places with swings are a must to mention. This park is known to be one of the biggest amusement parts for kids and it is more famous because it is also a water park. This park was founded by two businessmen Jack Steadman and Lamar Hunt.

Waterville USA:

 The Waterville USA is located on the Gulf shores, of the United States. This is actually a water park that is built on about 20 acres and this was introduced in the year 1986. This is present in the heart of the city and is also very close to the beach.

There is a wide variety of tickets available and you can get the one that is suitable for you. There are 12 different water rides present in this area and all in all, there are 19 different attractions present. For more such fun summer activities you can look for creative things to do for kids near me.

The wizarding world of harry potter: 

The next spot that we would like to mention is the wizarding world of harry potter which is located in the universal city of the United States. This place was opened on 7th April 2016.

This basically is the theme park present somewhere near Los Angeles. This park is filled with elements that are present in the movie or series and all the novels written by JK Rowling. This is the place that is designed by universal creative and has a license with Warner bros. 

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis: 

The place that we think should be mentioned in this list is the children’s museum of Indianapolis which is located on North Meridian Street in Indianapolis, USA. 

This area is credited to the American alliance of museums. It consists of about 130 thousand different artifacts and all the parts are divided into two types one is the natural sciences and the other one is the arts and humanities.

Kidzania USA:

The next place that we think is a must to go when in the USA is the Kidzania USA. This place is present on Preston road #3011. This is basically an amusement park that your kids will enjoy going to the most.

This is a park where the kids can act and play different professions like being a firefighter, a podcaster, a doctor, or any profession that you can literally think of. There are more than one hundred activities for kids there.

The franklin institute: 

The Franklin Institute is open for the first time since the coronavirus shutdown, with admission limited to 25 percent capacity. (Emma Lee/WHYY)

When we talk about the places that are on the list of top tourist attractions then we need to mention this place called the franklin institute. This place is located in Philadelphia, USA. 

The franklin institute is basically a fun science museum and is also a research and education center. This is the institute that was named after the Scientist Benjamin franklin. This park was founded in the year 1824 and it is known to be one of the oldest centers for the education of science in the United States.

Strong national museum of play:

Strong national museum of play is the present on The strong in Rochester, in the USA. This place is a must-visit because of all the things attached to it.

This basically is an area where you can show your kids the average life of Americans from the years 1830 to 1940. There are so many different things for your kids to enjoy like Paintings, dolls, architecture and so many more decorative items. This museum is basically of five play partners now.

Science City:

We all know that kids love to go to places that are somewhat related to science and if it is a whole science city then what else would you ask for? 

This science city is located on the Union Station, in Kansas City in the USA. It does not even need to be mentioned what you would see there. There are a lot of different science exhibitions in this place along with all the traveling exhibitions too. 

There are more than one hundred and twenty hands-on displays and with that, you also get to experience the Arvin Gottlieb planetarium. 

The magic house:

Kids are born with a naturally curious nature and that is why you must have noticed that they tend to ask so many questions for such kids what better way to enjoy than visiting a magic house?

The magic house is present in St, Louis in the USA. This place was basically opened for all the kids to experiment with magic with their own hands and build in some more creativity. With that, the kids will also be able to experience a lot of joy and magic. 

If you are looking for random activities for kids then you can look for the top 20 kids’ activities near me.

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