10 Best Things To Do With Kids in Paris

Some places are famous and well known when it comes to travelling or visiting some country, whereas children have their own interests. A proper touring guide is essential so that they can manage their time well and get entertained.

best things to do in paris

France is, obviously, a tourist attraction, and kids and teens are also inclined to go there. If you are travelling to Paris with kids and teens you are going to need to find some things besides museums and attractions to keep their interest up so in the following article you’ll discover the 10 best things to do with your kids in Paris so that you all have a great trip.

1. The Museum of Science and Industry

It is a huge interactive museum with something for everyone; robotics physics, air and space, fashion and fabric, science of food, and video game technology. it’s easy to spend a good part of the day here and it’s air-conditioned on hot days and covered on rainy days. Kids and teens enjoy this place.

2. The Ifly Experience

It is located inside Puerto La Vallette and this is a super
cool and memorable experience at any age. You can enjoy zero gravity here and it would be a lot of fun for everyone, especially for the kids.

3. The Place deTerrent

This place is a really fun spot. It’s lively and full of street artists and caricature artists. It also has little shops and fun things to see. it’s a cobblestone area on top of the hill above Paris and pure fun for the kids.

4. The Ardonda Luxembourg

It is a huge park with lots of different areas and you can relate to this area by thinking about Central Park in New York. It’s a great place for a picnic to play chess or other games. Young kids can rent boats to sail on the pond or find the Statue of Liberty. It is a great place to both relax and let off some steam.

5. Rent an Electric Scooter

Riding scooters in Paris is just plain old fun. There’s a feeling of freedom and independence that teenagers and kids need especially if they’ve been following someone else’s agenda for a while. It also happens to be one of my favourite ways to see the city.

Electric Scooter for Teenager Featured Image

6. The Paris Catacombs 18th Centuary Ossuary(1809)

It is a favourite for young people. Kids asked to go there when they heard about this place and I personally thought it would be scary but it really wasn’t. It’s interesting and sacred but also pretty cool and not only is it cool to see but the temperature is constantly cool and that may matter during the summer months when many of the young people are travelling.

The Paris Catacombs 18th Centuary Ossuary(1809)

7. Picnic on The Champs De Mars (Eiffel Tower)

Chances are if you’re going to Paris, you’re going to go to the Eiffel Tower as well. There are a lot of ways to see it. If your kids don’t want to stand in a long line to climb up, pack a picnic to eat on the Shonde Mouse which is the lawn right behind the Eiffel Tower. It’s a great place to either run around or relax and it’s not bad for Instagram shots either.

8. Seine River Cruse ( Vetettes De Paris)

Taking a cruise along the sand on a boat like Le Vedette is a great way to see the city because Paris looks different from a boat. Certainly, young people will enjoy the feeling of freedom and getting to know Paris from a different perspective.

9. Centre Pompidou (Modern Art Muesum)

It is a modern art museum but it also has a great rooftop and a fun plaza right in front of it. It’s one of the first places that teenagers and kids suggest. It’s a lively and vibrant spot with lots of street food and shops all around. There are street performers in the plaza and you’ll see kids running or chasing pigeons and eating ice cream. It’s a good place for young people.

Centre Pompidou (Modern Art Muesum)

Fantastic view from its 5th floor

Whenever you visit there with kids please check out the view from the fifth floor. Here you can get a tour, Jack. If you go down this way you will see the Eiffel Tower and on the other side, you will see the Big Wheel (The Perris Wheel). At the Trilogy, all the way in the back is La Ee France (the business district of Paris), and then you have Glee Santos Dash right there. You also have the view of Opera. You will also be able to enjoy the magnificent view of Secretary and Montmartre. These are some magnificent views from the fifth floor of the Centro Pompidou.

10. Pedestrian Streets (All over Paris)

There are pedestrian streets all over Paris and kids always love walking down those streets. Among them, some streets are quite touristic. Others are near the university or in older parts of town and each one has its own identity but all of them have great food stops and interesting shops and they’re just fun to find and explore for kids.


From boat rides to rooftop views, Paris offers a variety of the best things to do with kids. There are many activities and attractions that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, especially for the teenagers and kids. Therefore, when you are in Paris with your kids make sure to experience above mentioned 10 best things to do. Exploring the city can be an exciting and memorable experience for kids, so make sure to plan your next trip accordingly.

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