Top 50 Unique Sikh Baby Boy Names Trending in India in 2022

Along with the things that come with the birth of your baby there is so much more that you get to think of because there is literally no end to that.

From finding a good or unique name for them to choosing their outfits for their first birthday party you actually do worry about a lot of things, which is okay because it happens naturally.

With that being said in this article, we are going to talk about the unique boy names for Sikh babies and we will also give you all the details related to that names as much as possible.

Apart from that, if you are looking for more Sikh names you can look for the top 100 Sikh names and you will actually find some really good stuff.

Without stretching this any further, we are going to share a list of names for your Sikh baby boys along with their meanings that you can definitely choose from if you like any of them.


Starting with the Sikh names the first name would definitely be loved because every time a kid is born the first thing that parents pray is for their long life. That is exactly what this name means i.e. long life.


One thing that you will always see in Sikhs is that they name a lot with the letter G so here is the first name suggestion with that alphabet. The name means Fame of lord. This would make for a great unique baby boy  name for Sikh boys.


The next name that we are going to talk about again is a name that is very famous among the Sikh people. The name Gurnoor means to have the heavenly light of their guru.


One year old child is lying with spectacles and letters on blue background.

One thing that we think about this name is that this is heard a lot when it comes to the naming of the Sikh community. Gurmeet is a very famous name among them and it means friend of Guru.


The next name that we are going to mention is slightly different from other Sikh names. Yes, we are talking about the name Ranbir which means a very brave warrior.


Now, if you are somebody who thinks naming possibly has an effect on your kid’s personality then this name is perfect for you because this name means obedient.


If you are already looking for names that you think are unique but yet are very amazing to hear then this name Aad is a nice name to be chosen. This name means the man.


the next name that we are going to talk about is again one of the unique and most famous names called Angad. This name means an ornament that you can wear on your body.


it might be weird for you to hear this name as a name but this is not weird for the Sikhs because they actually use this name. The name Banda if you do not already know means a person.


For all those people who want to go short, cute and still want a name that is very unique can choose this name Bik. The name Bik means strong which would make a great choice for your kiddo.


The next name that we are going to talk about is extremely unique and you would definitely not get to hear this name a lot. This name in the Sikh language means dark blue or black.


The name chadda you might have heard as a caste in some parts of the Hindu community but it is a name used by Sikhs as well. The name Chadda means a guy who was born in a battle.


The next name that we are going to discuss is the name Chamkaur. This name is also pretty unique and it means a battlefield. You can choose this name with the above-mentioned name for your twins.


There are always some names that you get to hear a lot in some communities but they are still very unique. Dalvinder is definitely one of those names. This name means lord of the team.


The name that we are going to mention now is basically something that you must have heard a lot but definitely not as a name. the name Darbar means courtroom and it is definitely a Sikh name.


Diljit is one name that is loved by all the Sikh community and they choose this name for their kids very often. This name means victory of the heart and that is pretty obvious by the name itself.


The best thing about the Sikh names is that their meanings are very obvious with the names themselves just like this one. The name Fatehbir means the one who wins.


If you are looking for a name that you think might bring some good colors to the life of your baby along with the fragrance of happiness then you can choose this name. Foola means a flower that smells good.


The word deep in the Hindi language means a lamp and that makes this name pretty attractive already. Gagandeep means the lamp in the sky. This is a very cute name for your kid who already brought light into your life.


The next name that we are going to talk about is again a very unique name that is Gajan. Gajan is the name that means a sound that is really loud.


Gregoire is the name that might give you the vibe of a western name but that is not true because it belongs to the Sikh community. Gregoire literally means kids that are very creative.


The next name that we are going to discuss again looks like an English name but it is not. Yes, we are talking about the name Greyson. This name means the son of Steward.


Haatim is the name that is very famous among Sikhs because of a few celebrity characters but this also tends to be very unique. The name Haatim means a guy who is decisive.


There are always some names that give you a very good vibe and this name Hadwin for sure is one of those names. This name means a person who is a war friend.


The next name that we are going to talk about is one of the most beautiful names and when we say this we mean this because this name means a beautiful man.


Jambert is the next name that we think can make a great choice for your kid. This name means a bright place. If you are looking for more such names you can look for the 50 top trending baby boy names in 2022.


There is no way people are not looking for modern and cute names no matter what the community is so for that we chose the name Jon for Sikhs. This name means God is gracious.


if you are looking for names that might bring good qualities in your kid then you can choose this name for sure. The name Kailah means someone who is like God.


When we talk about names that come with uniqueness and name that really sound good then we would like to add Kaius to that list. This name means to rejoice.


if that is not already pretty obvious with the name then we would just like to tell you this name Loveen means someone who is filled with love and adoration. A good choice for a baby’s name.


There are a few names that immediately click you as soon as you hear them. This name Paramjit hits that nerve for sure. This name means heroic or victorious.


With all the names mentioned, now we would like to talk about a name that screams Sikh, and maninder for sure is that name. This name means a person who is the Lord of his mind himself.


This name that we are talking about next is one of the most famous names because of a personality who has this name. Ranveer means a person who is a winner.


The name Simardeep again is a name that comes with all the Sikhs in it. The name Simardeep means a person who is like the lamp of remembrance.


The name that we are going to talk about might give you a slight surprise because it is the religion that we literally are talking about. Sikh is the name used in the Sikh community and this without any doubt means the follower of Sikhism.


The name that we think should definitely make this list is the name called Singh. This again is a caste but is also used as a name. Singh means lion in Sikhism.


Just as we have already mentioned some names are telling themselves what they mean and this one is one of them. Sukhchain means the person who is a peace bearer.


We think parents always think of their kids as a gift from God and for that acceptance they can definitely choose this name. Talvir means a gift to the world, which your kid is for you, for sure.


Tarvinder is the next name that we are going to mention in this list too because it is a unique yet a very popular name among Sikhs. Tarvinder means God’s salvation in heaven.


We know that you are looking for a name that is not just unique but also comes with a wonderful meaning and for that, you can choose this name. Tejpal means protector of brilliance.


The next name that we are going to talk about is not something that you might have heard a lot because it is actually that unique. The name Surjot means war between Gods.


If you are looking for a name that is good and unique but is also very fun to listen to then you can choose the name Deentek. This name means someone who is just.


There are always some people who are looking for things that are closest to the religion for that you can choose this name. Ekaagar means the one who meditates.


The next name that we are going to talk about is again very unique and you can choose it for your kid. This name means Heaven or sky above you.


The name Gianjog is a popular name among the Sikhs because it means the one who teaches well. If you like the meanings and the name you can choose it. If you are looking for names from other religions you can look for what are some boy names in Bible.


the next name that we are going to talk about is a famous name that is heard very commonly among Sikhs. The name veer means one who is really brave.


With the names that scream their meanings we will surely like to add aas to that list, the name aas means the act of having hope and that is literally what aas means in Hindi.


The name that we think should again make to this list is the name Bipinjot. This name means a lighted forest. This is a good choice for your kids’ names.


The next name is a choice of name for Sikhs because of its meanings and also because of how unique it is. The name deepinder means the highest one.


And finally, the last name that we would like to end this list with is the name Eckjeet. This name is unique and is also very wonderful. The name Eckjeet means the one who is victorious.

These are some of the amazing names for the Sikh community that definitely come under the list of unique boy names and if you like any of these names you can choose from them for sure.

1AmarBoyThe Immortal One
2GurjasBoyFame of Lord
3GurnoorBoyHeavenly light of their guru
4GurmeetBoyFriend of Guru
5RanbirBoyVery brave warrior
7AadBoyThe man of honor
8AngadBoyAn ornament, Bracelet
10BikBoyFirst Born, Eldest
11BismanBoyOrnament that you can wear on your body
From the Old English word ceadda, which possibly comes from the Welsh cad, meaning “battle”.
13ChamkaurBoyA battlefield
14DalvinderBoyLord of the team
16DiljitBoyLight of the Heart
17FatehbirBoyThe Protector of Victory
18FoolaBoyFlowering, Blooming, Flower
19GagandeepBoyLight of the Sky
20GajanBoyOne with elephant face, Elephant faced Lord
22GreysenBoySon of Steward
24HadwinBoyFrind in a time of war
25JamarBoyA hand some man
26JambertBoyA bright place
27JonBoyDove, God is gracious
28KailahBoyLaurel, crown
29KaiusBoyThis name means to rejoice
30LoveenBoyWho is filled with love and adoration
32ManinderBoyLord of the mind
33RanveerBoyHero of the battle, Winner
34SimardeepBoyLamp of remembrance of god
37SukhchainBoyThe one who is peaceful and calm
38TalvirBoyA gift to the world
39TarvinderBoyGod’s salvation in heaven
40TejpalBoyProtector of Splendour
Fight of god
42DeentekBoy Someone who is just
43EkaagarBoyOne who meditates
45GianjogBoyOne who teaches well
47AasBoyHope, Aspiration
48BipinjotBoyLighted forest
49DeepinderBoyGod’s Light

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