Top 10 Most Popular Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs In 2022

When the kids are growing up they like to listen to poems a lot and that is what we are going to talk about in this article.

When the kids are born your first preference is to name them right for which you can look for the top 100 baby names

After that their priorities change and they want to look for the things that their kids are interested in. we will help you do that too and suggest these poems.

12345 Once I Caught A Fish Alive:

The first poem that we are going to talk about is one of the most fun poems to listen to. We are talking about the poem called 12345 once I caught a fish alive.

This poem is so much fun because of the music that it uses. It is a fun video to watch with the kids and it also gives the lesson of sharing your pain with others.

You can definitely make your kids listen to this poem and they will definitely enjoy it.

The Alphabet Song:

The next poem is looked at with the perspective that it is going to teach your kids about all the alphabets and they will be able to learn it better.

The poem that we are talking about is an alphabetical poem. Because it is in the form of music and your kids enjoy it, they will learn it too without even realizing that they learned something.

So you can hit two bullets with one shot.


Talking about the poem that is so popular and is also loved by the kids worldwide, we would definitely mention this poem called bingo.

This is basically about a farmer who had a dog named bingo. There is some reason because of which the poem is really popular among kids and they actually tend to enjoy it so much.

Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes:

Well, again if you are somebody who does not want the kids to listen to poems only for the sake of listening but you also want to make them learn something then this one is the right choice.

This poem will teach your kids almost all the different parts of the body that are the basic ones and with that, they will also enjoy this learning experience so much.

If you are looking for more such songs and poems you can look for what are some fun kid songs? 

Hickory Dickory Dock:

There are a few things that keep moving from one generation to the other without even realizing that this happened.

This is the poem that just kept moving from one generation to the other and surprising all the kids love this poem so much and also enjoy it a lot.

This poem is about the mouse who was constantly trying to get the food on top but the bell of the clock does not let him do so.

I Am A Little Teapot:

The next poem that we are going to talk about can be heard even by the adults because it will tell you about the tea-making experience for sure.

The lyrics of this poem are really fun to listen to and you along with your kids would want to listen to it again and again.

It is basically an introduction about the teapot and all the parts of that teapot and it tells you how it shouts when it is steamed up. This is a fun poem to hear.

If You Are Happy:

Coming to the next poem that is loved by kids all around the world is if you are happy and you know it, clap your hands.

This is the poem that needs to be heard with a lot of gestures like clapping your feet, stomping your feet, etc.

This poem is the reason for enjoyment for kids because it makes them dance a little and also makes them move from here and there which is the favorite thing for them to do.

5 Little Ducks:

Kids when growing up tend to love the animals so much and they like to listen to poems that contain animals in the poems.

This poem called the five little ducks is one of those poems that are loved by the kids because of the characters present inside it.

With that, the lyrics, the music everything makes for the best combination and that is why it is loved too much by the kids.

If you are looking for more such cartoons you can look for some cartoons like the baby shark that your kids can watch.

This will be your best to show them some things that they will enjoy a lot.

Five Little Monkeys:

Now talking about the poems that might give your kids the lesson that they need to hear, you can include this poem into it.

This is the poem about five little monkeys who are jumping on the bed and their mom asks them to not jump but they do not listen and then fall off the bed and get injured.

Through this poem, you can definitely tell your kids how they should listen to their parents because if they will not do it they can hurt themselves.

With the lesson, the music really makes this poem enjoyable and fun to watch.

Old Macdonald Had A Farm:

The last poem that we are going to talk about is old Macdonald had a farm which again is a very fun poem to watch and the lyrics are also very enjoyable.

This is the poem that you can make your kids learn a lot through. In this poem, they show a lot of different animals that are present on the farm.

Through this poem, your kids will be able to recognize different animals and they will definitely learn a lot too.

This again has a piece of very fun music and lyrics in it and is loved by kids a lot. Make them listen to it and watch them dance along.

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