Top 30 Animals for Kids in 2022

Nobody is unaware of the fact that kids tend to love animals so much and they always want to have pets that they can have fun with at home.

There are a lot of things that you might think kids want, but they want to have a pet animal tops all of them and we are sure at some point in life your kid will ask you to have one. The need for a pet never goes out because kids actually think that these pets are of their size and they can have fun playtime with them.

Just like you can look for the top 100 baby names for your kiddo, you can also look for the top 30 animals for your kid. We are just going to help you with that today.

Bernese mountain dog:

You must know that kids are fond of dogs and it would be safe to say that you can get a Bernese mountain dog for your kid. These dogs are known to be very gentle and very easy to train.

Maine moon cat:

there are always two types of people, one who loves dogs, and the other one that loves cats. If your kid is a cat person, you can get this Maine moon cat for him. This cat is too sweet and will be a great friend for your kiddo.


The third pet that you can keep as a pet for your kid, and that is also thought to be the best option is a Ferret. He has brown eyes that make him look very innocent, he is also small, sturdy, and very playful.


We all know that hamsters are such cute animals that do not harm anybody so they make to be the best pets for your little one. These cute little small paws will help your kid enjoy every day without causing any trouble to them.


What better option than to have a bunny as a pet because they are so cute, soft, and are also very plushy. Small bunnies are also very easy to handle so you can definitely get your kid one, they are going to love these bunnies for sure.

Guinea pig:

If your kid is somebody who loves to have a pet yet wants to have something bigger than a hamster but smaller than cats then a Guinea pig is the best choice. These pets live for eight years if they are taken care of properly.

Ragdoll cat:

If you are looking for a pet that is really calm and is also very playful with the kids then you need to have Ragdoll on your pet list. These dogs are given the name because of their calm personality. These are so sweet and are also very adorable looking.


The next pet that we are going to mention might not be as famous as others but is definitely amazing to have as a pet. This pet bird is known to be very interesting and is also really playful. He would definitely make for a great pet.


if you are looking for birds to pet then the parakeet is the bird that you should go for. He is a very friendly bird that comes with a personality that is very happy-go-lucky. He is also a chatty bird so your kid would love to have him.

If you give your kid good company you can definitely know how to make your baby a happy baby.


You will not believe how active and social this animal is according to its size of him. He is actually very hardy for the kids to handle. This pet has a really cute personality and is nocturnal so he mostly plays at night.


One other breed that you can definitely give your kid as a pet is a chicken. Chickens are known to be really friendly and they make very good pets for the kids. The chickens are also very harmless so what else you would need for your kid to have.

Russian blue cat:

If you think that the Russian blue cat is going to be blue then you must be wrong because it is black in color. The beautiful eyes of this cat will tell you everything about its personality. This cat is very patient so definitely a good pet to keep.


If you are somebody who can afford to have horses as pets then there is nothing better because with royalty the horses also bring so much safer with them. They will be your kids’ best friends and honestly what else would you ask for.


If your kid is constantly nagging you to have a pet at home but you do not want something then keeping a fish as a pet is a great option. Fishes are the minimal maintenance kind of pets and they would be very fun for your kids too.


Now, one of the most unpopular opinions is that reptiles make the best pets for your kids. For example, keeping a tortoise at home would be great because they are lazy and you would not have a lot to deal with. They make for great pets.


If you are looking for pets that are fun to keep but are not large so that your kids can enjoy then keeping any sorts of birds as pets would be a great choice. Your kids can have birds like parrots, etc. as pets at home for sure.


On the east side one of the most common pets that you would see are goats and we would not be lying if we say they are known to be their favorite pets. Goats just like any other pets are very easy to train and maintain.

Golden Retriever:

The next pet that we are going to talk about is again a dog because the golden retriever is one of the most common pets kept. He is known to be very kid-friendly and is also very easy to handle. You can have them as your kids’ pets for sure.


If you are somebody who is looking for pets that are inexpensive and are very easy to raise then chameleons would be your best option. These are slightly hard to maintain but because they do not bite, they are great to be kept as pets for your kids.


when we talk about one of the cutest animals to be kept as pets then it would be right to say Raccoons are great for that. You can keep these very cozy, cute animals as a pet for your kids and we are sure they would not mind.


One of the calmest animals that you can have as pets at home would be fish and if it is a goldfish, you will definitely get added marks. Goldfishes again are very easy to keep and because they do not harm your kids in any way, you can definitely keep them.

Sea monkeys:

When we talk about the pets that are very low maintenance then we would definitely mention sea monkeys. These pets only need to be fed once a week so you can surely enjoy keeping them, along with your kids.


The next pet that we are going to talk about again is a bird pet and you can get it for your kids to enjoy. Falcons are also very kid-friendly so your kids will definitely enjoy their presence at home. Get one if you want an easy pet.


Coming to the next pet animal, if you love in a cold area then finding a panda to keep with you as a pet for your kid is a great choice. Along with some fun time, pandas will help you spend time just laughing at them because they are actually very funny.


It might sound weird to you but some people actually like to keep snakes as pets for their kids at home. If you are also one of that type then get a snake. You would just need to be really careful with it because it might get dangerous at some point.

Giving your kid a pet also comes under the top 20 fun things to do with kids.


If your kids are looking for pets that are smaller in size then you need to get a rat for them as a pet because they are actually very cute. The only drawback is that rats bite and they can do so with your kids too. If you can be careful about that definitely have them.


The next pet that we are going to suggest you are chicks. Chicks are actually very cute to be kept pets. Kids genuinely love to have chicks as pets because they are very playful and will make your kid giggle a lot of times in the day.


Hedgehog is one of the cutest animals to be kept at home for your kids as pets. They are actually very cute and you can definitely keep them at home for your kiddos.


Wallaby are small cute animals that a lot of people tend to keep at home as pets for their kids but one thing about them is that they cannot be house trained. So, if you have that much patience you can have them at home.Squirrels: If you are looking for a pet that is small in size but is also very cute and fast then you can have squirrels at home as pets. Squirrels tend to be good friends with your pets and are definitely a good choice for your kid.

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