What are Some Fun Kid Songs?

When they are growing up they get to turn the sides in different ways and that is what is tricky for the parents. Being parents you have to find their interests and also have to get involved in whatever they like to do so that you can keep a check and balance.

What are some fun kid songs?
For those parents, whose kids like to listen to music, this article is for you. In this article, we are going to talk about some fun kid songs that you can sing with your kids.

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Now, we will give you some fun song suggestions for your kids to enjoy and to listen to. Not just them you will also enjoy these songs.

If you are happy:

Starting with the song that is extremely famous and is loved by the kid is this one. The song is called if you are happy and you know it.

This is the first song that your kids will enjoy so much and can also groove on it if they want. This song is not only good for listening but also creates activity.

With the song, there are a lot of activities they will be able to do. This includes clapping their hands, stomping their feet, etc.

This is because the song involves all of these activities and your kids can do them with the song. This is the best part of the song.

Head, shoulder, knees, and toes.

The next poem or the song that will be the most amazing for your kids is the head, shoulder, knees, and toes.

This song is also enjoyed by the kids so much and they also love to play the actions of this song too. Through this song, your kids will be able to learn too.

This song teaches a lot of things like the sounds of different things. They tell you the voice of wipers moving, the voice of the doors.

This song is also great for the teachings of your kids. You will also be able to enjoy this song along with your kids.

Make your kids listen to this song, and you will see how they grow mentally, and physically as well. Also that you know there is a lot of influence of the internet on children you should make the right choices for them.

Five green bottles:

The next poem or the song that we are going to tell you is the five green bottles that are also an extremely interesting song.

This song has five green bottles and with the bottles falling your kid will be able to learn to count and they will develop their mathematics skills.

This poem comes with the counting as it states five green bottles hanging on the wall, one bottle falls, four green bottles hanging on the wall.

This way your kid will understand how the counting goes backward. This will also help you in teaching them, and making them understand it better.

You should always find some interesting yet informative poems for your kids so that they enjoy learning.

Five little speckled frogs:

Five little speckled frogs are the next song that you can make your kids listen to. This is also one very fun song.

This is not really on the informative side and is more on the fun side. But sometimes you can also make your kids listen to things that are more fun than studious.

This poem is very enjoyable and can be listened to by both the kids and their parents. You should choose those poems that you enjoy too.

The fluency that comes in this song or this poem, is what makes it very enjoyable. Also, your kids will also learn a bit here and there about the animals.

This will turn out to be the right choice for your kids.

Finger family:

Finger family is the next song for your kids that you can make your kids listen to, and they will also learn about both the fingers and the family tree.

This song one by one tells about the finger and the people of the family. The thumb indicates the father, the index finger the mother, then brother, then sister, and then the little baby.

Your kid will learn about the people in the family, and they will also learn the names of the fingers with the song.

This again is the right choice for your kids. For more songs and kids’ cartoons, you can look for the top 10 best TV channels for kids and teens.

Five little ducks:

The next song or poem that we are going to mention or discuss is the five little ducks, which again is very popular among kids.

This song is again very enjoyable and with that, it is also quite informative for the kids. This poem again tells the kids about counting.

This way before even going to school your kids will be able to learn to count. You can easily teach them this without even letting them know.

Your kids will also enjoy this poem so much.


The last song that we are going to discuss in this article is the ABCD poem. This is the poem that again teaches the alphabet to your kids properly.

They will learn all the alphabet the right way and will also enjoy listening to this poem. This poem will turn out to be a great choice for your little kids.

These are some of the songs or poems that you can make your kids listen to and that they will enjoy a lot too.

You can make them learn faster and better with these poems without even mentioning anything.

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