What is Kidpaw?

Kidpaw is one of the largest databases in the world for baby name meanings. You can explore the perfect name for your new born baby within 1 Million baby names. We proudly recommend this tool to find name meanings in different religions e.g Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Sikh and much more.

We have tried to categorize tons of names into sections and provided the ease to filter for religion, gender and origin. You can drilldown your search by applying these filters. We ensure to provide the shortest path to reach your desired baby name.

Even More! We proud to announce that we provided the simplest and easy way of navigation where you can bundle the name which have similarities in between in respect of sound and meanings.

What are key features?

  • Instant search with search suggestions.
  • Categorize names in different sections by religion, origin and meaning.
  • Names are grouped with other names having same meanings.
  • You can find similar sounding names.
  • Drilldown names by boy, girl and unisex.
  • No need to remember your favorite names, list them on just a click.
  • Trending names by today, week and all time.
  • Recent and popular searches for quick name suggestion.
  • Share your selected name with your family on social media.

What is Randomizer?

Sometimes you are not clear in mind what type of name you need to choose, then our quick randomizer tool is good addition to make your mind. Randomizer has the ability to select name from whole database or you can narrow down area of fetching name by gender and religion.

Please check our randomizer to watch in action Randomizer

Important Note: Our team is working hard to give the most accurate data to end users. We need your support to make it easier. If you find any discrepancies please contact us. Contact Us