Bible – An Ultimate Source for Christian Names

“They say a name expresses the thing it stands for, but I wonder if it isn't the other way around—the thing gets more and more like its name.”
― Haruki Murakami

The important about any name has a surreal significance, the meaning it carries and the effects it has for the name bearer. A name is a message to the world about the personality and nature of the person.
In the Bible, like any other holy book, the mentioned names hold a very significant orientation and merit. Some names have prophetic significance whereas others are reflective of faith and yet others are used as gratitude to God.

Some unusual names in the Bible hold a religious implication. For example, John means ‘gracious gift of God’; that means this name has some hope or aspirations for the parents. There are places in Old Testament and New Testament where God has used different names for the same person. This is indicative of the fact that with the new name a new identity is established. For instance: God changes Jacob’s name – meaning is ‘supplanter’ - to Israel which meant ‘having power with God’.

The same principle holds true even today. When you name your baby after someone special from Bible, you are trying to give the same attributes of the original name bearer to your baby.

On this particular page of Kidpaw, we have enlisted the Biblical names along with their names so that you can easily find and choose a suitable name in your efforts to establish the best future for your child.