Top 10 Most Popular Persian Boy Names In 2024

My son is named Kiyan and it's a very beautiful and uncommon name. ... The name of the second dynasty of Persian Kings. Kiyan (pronounced key-ANN) is Arabic for 'being,' 'entity,' or 'existence.' In Persian it is pronounced (kay-ANN) and means a star.
Shizaan name brief: Shizaan is baby boy name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Persian. Shizaan name meanings is Beautiful. People search this name as Shizaan. Shizaan is written in Urdu, Arabic as شيزان, شيزان.
The name Cyrus is a Persian baby name. In Persian the meaning of the name Cyrus is: From the Persian name Kurush, meaning throne. In sixth century BC, King Cyrus the Great founded the Persian empire.
Etymologies. An Arabic (written in Arabic ماهر) given name and surname meaning "skillful" or "talented" or "expert." ... Maher (or Mahar, Meagher) is an Irish surname deriving from the Gaelic O'Meachair, meaning the "kindly" or the "generous".
Dario is the Italian equivalent of Darius (Darío with an accent mark is the Spanish version). Darius is from the Greek masculine name Dareios which is a transliteration of a Persian name.
Shanveer is muslim arabic name for babyboy mostly popular in islamic famlies. The meaning of Shanveer isLook Like King. The poeple have viewed this name 6265 times.
Khusro. OTHER SCRIPTS: IRANIAN (Pahlavi) (خسرو) LANGUAGE FAMILY: indo-european > indo-iranian > indo-aryan ORIGIN: avestan / old persian NAME ROOT: hu sravah / sravas > Husravah / Ḫosrau NATIVE NAME ROOT: Husravah / Ḫosrau (خسرو)
Meaning & History. In Persian, the name Sephtis means "Eternal Death" Home » Submitted Names.
Afrasiyab Name meaning in Urdu is توران کا بادشاہ، شاہناما میں ایک کردار, a Muslim Persian Boy name with lucky number is 4 and Afrasiyab Name meaning in English is A Character In Shahnameh (The King Of Turan).


Muslim Meaning: The name Wamiq is a Muslim baby name. In Muslim the meaning of the name Wamiq is: Loving. Friendly.