The Name Aafiyah and All the Details Related To It

We have often discussed names and we know how much importance a name holds. Every time you have a baby, one thing that you are sure about is to give them the right name and choose it for them according to their stars or anything.

When you are choosing a name there should always be a few things that you need to keep in your mind. It starts with choosing a name that has an easy pronunciation so your kid does not have to spend their whole life telling people how to pronounce it. Secondly, you need to focus on the meaning of the name because it can impact your kids’ personalities in both good and bad ways. Lastly, always look if the name is modern and unique or not. When the name you choose has all these qualities then you know you have chosen the right name for your kid.

We discuss a lot of different names in each article and give you quite a few suggestions but in this article, we are going to be talking about only one single name and see what all it brings with it and what the details are that you need to know about it.

The name that we are going to be discussing in this article is an Islamic baby girl name aafiyah. We will see all the things that are associated with this name and see what is the history of this beautiful name.

Start off with the basic things about a name which is, it is a really beautiful name, that comes with a lot of delicacy and beauty. This name comes from an Islamic background again and it has some of the Islamic history attached to it too.

Aafiyah is a Muslim baby girl name that was also used by Bin Ayyub who was actually the narrator of Hadith. The name Aafiyah consists of seven different letters and this name comes under the hard-to-pronounce name.  

Meaning of this Name:

This is the Islamic association of this name. the name Aafiyah comes from an Islamic background and it has a lot of meanings with it. The name Aafiyah firstly means good health and when people pray for each other they use this word. It also means someone who is free from illness and grief. It is also said to get rid of all sorts of problems. This is basically known to be a prayer in one single word.

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This name is known to be really popular because it is Islamically correct and the pronunciation is also very attractive. This name is also not very long which makes it even better.


Even though the name Aafiyah comes from an Arabic and Islamic background but the main origin that this name comes from is Urdu. It is from the Urdu language and is popular in Pakistan too.

Lucky Number: 

If you are somebody who believes in lucky numbers then this point is for you. The lucky number for the name Aafiyah is 7. Now, we know each number comes with some specific features and qualities. The people who have this lucky number and some specified qualities in them. For example, these people are known to be really spiritual and kind. They are the kind of people who keep introspecting and keep looking at their own mistakes.

The people with this name and this lucky number are always looking for new things to find in themselves and improve them for the good. It is also thought to be a good omen for a lot of people and it can also bring you some extra profits too if you choose this number.

We know all things have all the good and the bad associated with them, for this number, the bad that is thought to come with it is that it might bring you depression, saturation, and some mental turmoil.

Other Details:

We know by now that the gender of this name Aafiyah is female. And the language that it comes from is Arabic. The religion that this name comes from is Islam. And the lucky days for this name are thought to be Friday and Monday. Some of the lucky colors that are attached to this name are green and blue. And the stone appropriate for this name is silver.

Islamic Details: 

The names that come from Islamic backgrounds also have some things related to Quran. This goes the same way for the name Aafiyah. Aafiyah is the name that is thought to be the shortest prayer to give to somebody. The prayer says O Allah, protect me from any pains and sufferings. This dua is like a full fledge package if you want to pray for anybody.

Similar Names to Aafiyah:

When it is your first baby you look for a name but when you are having your second or third baby then you look for names that are similar to the first name. so, if you have a baby named aafiyah then we would suggest you some more names that are similar sounding to Aafiyah. For example, you can choose from names like Alfiya, Wafa, fakiha, Aaliyah and Summaya. These are all the names that come from Islamic backgrounds so you can choose any of these.

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When you are choosing the name Aafiyah, always be careful you do not choose names similar to this from other origins. For example, there is a name Affia that is from some other background and it also means something else too.

These are all the details that are related to this name that you can look for. After knowing all of these things you can decide for yourself if you want to choose this name or not. We genuinely approve of this name for all the right reasons.

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