Saint Patrick Biography, Birthday & Nationality

Saint Patrick 01/01/1970   -   17/03/0461

Saint Patrick Introduction:

Saint Patrick is a missionary of English descent, who is considered to be a great religious figure today. This biography of Saint Patrick provides detailed information about his childhood, profile, career & timeline

Saint Patrick Biography, Awards, Facts and Family

  • Born: 385
  • Famous: Spiritual & Religious Leaders
  • Died At Age: 76
  • Also Known As: Maewyn Succat
  • Born In: Britannia
  • Famous As: Missionary
  • Father: Calpurnius
  • Mother: Conchessa
  • Siblings: Darerca Of Ireland
  • Died On: March 17, 461
  • Place Of Death: Ireland
  • Bio: Saint Patrick Is A Missionary Of English Descent, Who Is Considered To Be A Great Religious Figure Today. This Biography Of Saint Patrick Provides Detailed Information About His Childhood, Profile, Career & Timeline