• Balvindra
    From Sanskrit बल (bala) meaning "strength, might" combined with the name of the Hindu god INDRA. Home » Names.
    Meaning: Powerful, Strong, Mighty, Origin: Hindi
  • Bismeet
    Name Bismeet or (Bismeet) means Brave and Happy. Person born with name Bismeet are man of true faith.
    Meaning: , Origin: Hindi
  • Dharampreet
    Dharampreet. Show similar names Show variant names. Name Dharampreet generally means Love of faith, is of Indian origin, Name Dharampreet is a Unisex name, which means both Boy and Girl can have this name. Person with name Dharampreet are mainly Sikh by religion.
    Meaning: Love of faith, Origin: Hindi
  • Humpreet
    Meaning: Combination of Hum and Preet, Origin: Hindi
  • Jaspinder
    Name Jaspinder or (Jaspinder) means Plant of Praise; The One of Many Lives. Person born with name Jaspinder are under the direct possession of power number 30, those have an active life. ... Jaspinder has expression number 6 which has some meaning in Indian vedic astrology or Numerology.
    Meaning: , Origin: Hindi