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  • Singh
    Singh Name Meaning. Indian (northern states): originally a Hindu Kshatriya name but now adopted by many different communities, from Sanskrit si?mha 'lion', hence 'hero' or 'eminent person'. It is freely added to Rajput and Sikh male personal names and in the U.S. often serves as a Sikh surname.
    Meaning: Lion, Origin: Hindi
  • Abhay
    Baby names Baby Name Meanings Indian Baby Names. Baby names meanings search results: The name Abhay is a baby boy name. The name Abhay comes from the Indian origin. In Sanskrit the meaning of the name Abhay is: Without fear.
    Meaning: Fearless, Origin: Hindi
  • Abhay kumar
    MEANING: This name derives from the Sanskrit “Abhay”, meaning “fearless”. Abhayagiri, or Fearless Mountain in the canonical language of Pali, is a Theravadin Buddhist monastery of the Thai Forest Tradition in Redwood Valley, California.
    Meaning: Son of king Shrenik

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