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  • Mabrok
    Meaning: Happy Saad, Origin: Arabic
  • Mubarik
    Mubarak (Arabic: مبارك‎, translit. mubārak‎) is an Arabic given name. ... bārak‎), analogous to the Hebrew name Barak— ברךּ‎— meaning "knee" or "kneeling" derived from common Semitic roots for the concept of kneeling in praise/to receive a blessing.
    Meaning: Saad, Vertex Incoming, Origin: Urdu
  • Saad
    Saad (Arabic: سعد, Saʿd‎‎) (also spelled Sa'ad) is a common male Arabic given name that means felicity, happiness, prosperity, success and good luck. It may be a shortened version of Sa'd al-Din, and is not to be confused with Sa'id. It is not the same as the single Arabic letter 'sad' which has no intrinsic meaning.

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