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  • Aizah
    Aizah is a lovely, feminine sounding Arabic name that can be adopted by many different families. It also has a great meaning and would surely bestow prosperity with those who have this name. Detailed Meaning. A favourite with Muslim parents, Aizah comes from the name Asia, a after the continent, and means 'prosperous.'
    Meaning: The daughter of Hazrat Ali (A.S) Origin: Arabic
  • Prateem
    Meaning of Pratim. origin and personality of Indian baby name Pratim. Indian boy Name meaning Pratim. *recommended. Go Back.
    Meaning: Similar, Like Origin: Hindi
  • Micah - MIE-kə
    Micah is the name of several people in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), and means "Who is like God?" The name is sometimes found with theophoric extensions. Suffix theophory in Yah and in Yahweh results in Michaiah or Michaihu (Hebrew: מִיכָיְהוּ, Modern Mikhayhu, Tiberian Mîḵā́yhû), meaning who is like Yahweh?
    Meaning: Who is similar Origin: Hebrew
  • Padmanethra
    Meaning: Similar Origin: hindi
  • Nyala - NYAH-lə
    Meaning of name Nyala. Etymology : From the name of a type of African antelope, ultimately derived from the Bantu word nyálà. Saint : Origin : Various.
    Meaning: Similar to antelope Origin: African
  • Tulya
    Tulya is a Sanskrit name for girls meaning Well-matched.. Read below for Tulya's celebrity and ruler associations, and numerological meanings. If Tulya is the one, congratulations!
    Meaning: Equaled, Similar Origin: hindi
  • Nibha
    Nibha is an Indian name for girls meaning Resembling; Similar; Like. Read below for Nibha's celebrity and ruler associations, and numerological meanings. If Nibha is the one, congratulations!
    Meaning: Similar, Resembling Origin: hindi
  • Asha - AH-shah
    We named our daughter Asha in 1985 based on a list of Sanskrit names a friend from India put together for us. The Sanskrit meaning he assigned to it was "hope" and is a common name in India for females. ... The symbol of Asha was fire, and in even earlier times was a male god of fire.
    Meaning: Like, Similar to, Hope Origin: hindi
  • Museel
    This is a view of the back of the right leg; most of the gastrocnemius muscle has been removed. ... It is closely connected to the gastrocnemius muscle and some anatomists consider them to be a single muscle, the triceps surae. Its name is derived from the Latin word "solea", meaning "sandal".
    Meaning: EQUIFORM, similar Origin: Arabic
  • Harnath
    Harnath Name Meaning. Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair).
    Meaning: Similar to Hari, God Origin: Hindi

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