Famous Admirals Biography, Family, Children

Wilhelm Canaris

Wilhelm Franz Canaris was a German admiral and the chief of German military intelligence. Check out this biography to know more about his childhood, family life, achievements and death.

Born: 01 January 1887/ German

Michiel De Ruyter

Michiel de Ruyter was a 17th century Dutch admiral who is considered as the most successful and skilled admiral in the history of the Dutch Republic. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family life, and achievements.

Born: 24 March 1607/ Dutch

Horatio Nelson

Horatio Nelson was a British flag officer, known for his service during Napoleonic Wars.

Born: 29 September 1758/ British

Erich Raeder

Erich Raeder was a German naval officer who held the highest possible naval rank of Grand Admiral from April 1939 to January 1943 and played a major role during the Second World War as the leader of the German Imperial Navy (Kriegsmarine).

Born: 24 April 1876/ German

Piri Reis

Ahmed Muhiddin Piri, better known as Piri Reis, was an Ottoman admiral, geographer, and cartographer. This biography profiles his childhood, life, career, campaigns, work, and gives some fun facts.

Born: 1465 AD/ Turkish

Robert Carney

Born: 26 March 1895/ American

Joseph Metcalf III

Vice Admiral
Born: 20 December 1927/ American

Chuichi Nagumo

Born: 25 March 1887/ American

William Sims

Born: 15 October 1858/ American

Chester Nimitz

Born: 23 February 1885/ American

Lewis Combs

Born: 07 April 1895/ American

John Benbow

Born: 10 March 1653/ British

Edward Boscawen

Born: 19 August 1711/ British

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