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What does the name Anitha mean? What is the meaning of the name Anitha, lucky number, lucky stone, origin and religion.

Anita is a common given name for women, which is derived from Sanskrit and mostly used in India and United States. In Sanskrit, Anita means full of grace, mercy, favor, variety, a leader, without guile. ... In Hebrew, Anita derives from the name Hannah, which means grace or graceful.


Meaning: Who takes pleasure in new joys, Grace

Anitha Name Meaning, Origin & Details

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Explore a curated lists of 2024 Hindu girl names, including variations starting with A and AN, as well as those ending with A and HA all with profound meanings reminiscent of Anitha, such as the compelling Who takes pleasure in new joys, Grace.

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If you like the meanings or synonyms of name Anitha; we have created list of popular names that can be considered as alternative of the name Anitha.

Below names are with similar meaning as Who takes pleasure in new joys, Grace. Explore the list below for names that not only share a similar meaning to "Who takes pleasure in new joys, Grace" but also encapsulate the essence and significance associated with the name "Anitha."

List of the name that have meanings Who takes pleasure in new joys, Grace

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Anitha Name Meaning in Hindi

How do you write your name Anitha in Hindi ?
(Anitha pronunciation in different languages)

How to write Anitha in Hindi ?अनीता

Hindi Name Birth Star (Janam Nakshatra), Rashi & Syllables

  1. 3
  2. Mesha (A, L, E, I, O)
  3. Krithika (A, EE, U, EA, I, E)

Anitha Name Lucky Number

Practical endeavors, status-oriented, power-seeking, high-material goals
More polite and sweet people group. More attractive to opposite gender, self believe, more desires about home and luxuries about livings.

Each letter meanings in Anitha Name.

  • A Advantage, for you are blessed with many.
  • N Noble, your regal bearing.
  • I Immaculate, keeping it tidy
  • T Try, as hard as you can
  • H Humble, a saintly quality.
  • A Approachable, constantly meeting new people

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What Does Name Anitha Mean?

Anitha is baby girl name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Anitha name meanings is Who takes pleasure in new joys, Grace.
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Anitha is written in Hindi as अनीता. Other similar sounding names can be Anatha, Anathi, Aneeth, Anhithi, Anwitha, Anyutha, Unnathi, Yagnitha.

Anitha Name Numerology And Personality

Anitha has the numerology 8. The gender of this name Anitha is Girl. They are also thought to be practical endeavors. These people do not keep themselves in fascinating things rather they keep a practical approach towards everything.

Those who have the numerology 8 are not thought to be extremely positive because of some of their qualities. The meaning of this name is Who takes pleasure in new joys, Grace. These people are always seeking power, and they also have some really high goals but all are related to materialistic things.

These are the people who are very status-oriented and they also do not believe in coming out of that bubble for anyone. The religion is hindu. These people look at the status of the other person before knowing their personalities because that is how they are built.

Popular personalities with Anitha Name.

Anitha Karthikeyan
Anitha Karthikeyan

Anitha Karthikeyan is a musician.

Anitha R. Radhakrishnan
Anitha R. Radhakrishnan

Anitha is also known as Annachi and Anitha.

Anitha Pauldurai
Anitha Pauldurai

She was most prominent from 2001 to present. Anitha was born on June 22nd, 1985 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Anitha Shaiq
Anitha Shaiq

Anitha Shaiq is a sufi, ghazal, playback, sufism, and playback singer singing. She has had major accomplishments since 2007.

Anitha Krogh Mortensen
Anitha Krogh Mortensen

Anitha Krogh Mortensen is an athlete for the Havnar Boltfelag (Women).

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Frequently Asked Questions About Name Anitha

What does Anitha name mean?

Anitha is one of the most loved baby girl name, its meaning is who takes pleasure in new joys, grace, is नये सुखों में, कौन अनुग्रह प्राप्त करता है, अनुग्रह - (naye sukhon mein, kaun anugrah praapt karata hai, anugrah).

How to write Anitha in Hindi?

Well, Anitha can be written in various beautiful fonts in Hindi as अनीता.

What is the lucky number of Anitha?

Lucky number is not a belief system but reality. The lucky number associated with the name Anitha is "8".

What is the religion of the name Anitha?

The people with name Anitha are mostly known as Hindu.

What is the origin of the name Anitha?

Most of the hindu names are orginated from Hindi origin.

Is the name Anitha difficult to pronounce?

Anitha name has 6 letter and 1 word and it average name but still not very hard to pronounce.

Is Anitha name is short?

No! Anitha is an average length name.

What is the syllables for Anitha?

The syllables for the name Anitha is 3.

What is Anitha's Rashi and Nakshatra?

The rashi of name Anitha is Mesha (a, l, e, i, o) and Nakshatra is KRITHIKA (a, ee, u, ea, i, e). People with name Anitha are mainly by religion Hindu.