List of Catalan Baby Names Meanings

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  • Alba - AHL-bah
    Alba is a female given name of Latin origin meaning "dawn". It can also be used as a Spanish surname, as in the actress Jessica Alba, or a title, as in the Spanish Dukedom of Alba. It may also be considered a feminine version of Albert or Albinus or of names beginning with the Germanic Alf.
    Meaning: Fair, White Origin: Catalan, Italian, Latin, Spanish
  • Margarida - mar-gah-REE-da
    Margarida is a Portuguese female given name, which is a variant of the name Margaret, and which means "daisy flower" in Portuguese. It should not be mistaken for the Mexican alcoholic drink Margarita or the Italian Margherita pizza.
    Meaning: Pearl Origin: Catalan, Greek, Portuguese
  • Nicolau - nee-koo-LOW
    Nicolau is a surname that occurs in multiple cultures and languages, including Portuguese and Romanian, and which is derived from the given name Nicolau, a variant of Nicholas. The name may refer to: Alexandru Nicolau (1889–1937), Romanian political activist.
  • Esteve
    Esteve Name Meaning. ... It has same or different meanings in other countries and languages. The different meanings of the name Esteve are: Greek meaning: Crown. Catalan meaning: Crown.
    Meaning: Crown Origin: Catalan
  • Feliu
    Feliu Name Meaning. Catalan: from the Catalan form of the personal name Felix, borne by several saints, or perhaps a nickname from feliu 'happy', 'fortunate'.
    Meaning: Happy Origin: Catalan
  • Fethawi
    Meaning: Fear and justice Origin: Catalan
  • Fethawit
    Meaning: Fear and justice Origin: Catalan
  • Neus
    Meaning of name Neus. Etymology : Catalan cognate of NIEVES. Saint : Origin : Catalan.
    Meaning: Snow Origin: Catalan
  • Pere
    Pere Name Meaning. Southern French (Péré): topographic name from a variant of périer 'pear tree'. Catalan: from the personal name Pere, Catalan equivalent of Peter. English: variant of Pear 1. Hungarian: from the old secular personal name Pere, Pöre.
    Meaning: Stone Origin: Catalan
  • Pol
    Catalan and Occitan: from the personal name Pol, equivalent to Paul. Dutch: topographic name for someone who lived by a grassy mound, from Middle Dutch pol 'tussock'. German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): variant of Pohl. Polish: ethnic name or regional name meaning 'Pole' (see Polak).
    Meaning: Peace Origin: Catalan
  • Remei
    Meaning & History. Means "remedy" in Catalan, a Catalan equivalent of REMEDIOS.
    Meaning: Remedy Origin: Catalan
  • Roser
    Roser Name Meaning. German: topographic name for someone who lived at a place where wild roses grew (see Rose 1), with the suffix -er denoting an inhabitant. German (Röser): habitational name from places called Rös, Roes, or Rösa in Bavaria, Rhineland, and Saxony, or a variant of Rosser.
    Meaning: Rose plant Origin: Catalan