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  • Hung - HUNKG
    Hung Family History. Hung Name Meaning. Chinese : variant of Hong 1. Chinese : variant of Kong 2. Chinese : variant of Xiong 1.
    Meaning: Wonderful, Origin: Chinese
  • Joon - JUN
    Given Name JOON. GENDER: Masculine. USAGE: Korean. OTHER SCRIPTS: 준 (Korean Hangul), 俊, etc. ( Korean Hanja)
    Meaning: Pure, Truthful, Origin: Chinese
  • Lan - LAHN
    From Chinese 兰 (lán) meaning "orchid, elegant" (which is usually only feminine) or 岚 (lán) meaning "mountain mist". Other Chinese characters can form this name as well. As a Vietnamese name, it is derived from Sino-Vietnamese 蘭 meaning "orchid".
    Meaning: Orchid, Origin: Chinese
  • Mai - MAH-ee
    From Japanese 舞 (mai) meaning "dance" or 麻衣 (mai) meaning "linen robe". It can also come from 真 (ma) meaning "real, genuine" combined with 愛 (ai) meaning "love, affection".
    Meaning: Ocean or elegance, Origin: Chinese
  • Yan
    Yan Name Meaning. Chinese : of uncertain origin, originating in Shaanxi province. It may be a variant of another name from the same region and pronounced the same way (see 4 below, ).
    Meaning: God's grace yanis - god's gift, Origin: Chinese
  • Ah - AH
    Meaning: Little one, Origin: Chinese
  • Ai - AH-ee
    Ai is a Japanese and Chinese given name. In Japanese, it's almost always used as a feminine Japanese given name, written as あい in hiragana, アイ in katakana, 愛, 藍 or 亜衣 in kanji. It could mean love, affection (愛), or indigo (藍). The kanji 亜衣 is only associated as a proper noun, it could mean Asian clothes.
    Meaning: Lovable, Origin: Chinese
  • An - AHN
    Meaning: Tranquil, Origin: Chinese
  • Bai - BAH-ee
    China. Meaning. "white" (color) Bái is the pinyin romanisation of the common Chinese surname 白, meaning the colour white. With its variants, Bai was ranked 79th within the list of common Chinese surnames in 2006, down from 70th in 1990.
    Meaning: Person of purity, Origin: Chinese
  • Bao - BAH-aw
    Chinese Meaning: The name Bao is a Chinese baby name. In Chinese the meaning of the name Bao is: Treasure.
    Meaning: Gem, Origin: Chinese
  • Biming - bee-MING
    Birmingham Name Meaning. English: habitational name from Birmingham in the West Midlands.
    Meaning: As clear as jade, Origin: Chinese
  • Chang - CHANG
    The name Chang is a Chinese baby name. In Chinese the meaning of the name Chang is: Smooth.
    Meaning: Thriving, Origin: Chinese
  • Chao - CHAH-aw
    Chinese : variant of Cao. Chinese : the Chinese character for this name means 'nest'. Its use as a surname has its origin in Chao Lake in modern Anwei province. The lake gave its name to the state of Chao, which dates back to the Yin dynasty (1401–1122 bc).
    Meaning: Excellent, Origin: Chinese
  • Chen - CHEHN
    Chen Name Meaning. Chinese : from name of the region of Chen (in present-day Henan province). ... Gui Man was posthumously named Chen Hugong, and his descendants came to adopt the surname Chen.
    Meaning: Break of the day, Origin: Chinese
  • Cheng - CHENG
    From Chinese 成 (chéng) meaning "completed, finished, succeeded" or 诚 (chéng) meaning "sincere, honest, true", as well as other characters which are pronounced similarly.
    Meaning: Journey, Origin: Chinese
  • Chin - CHIN
    Chinn, or Chin, English surname. Chin is also an alternate spelling for several East Asian surnames of Chinese origin: Qin (surname) Jin (Chinese surname)
    Meaning: Golden, Origin: Chinese
  • Chun - CHOON
    From Chinese 春 (chūn) meaning "spring (the season)" or other characters with a similar pronunciation.
    Meaning: Born in the spring, Origin: Chinese
  • Cong - KONG
    The name Cong is a Chinese baby name. In Chinese the meaning of the name Cong is: Intelligent.
    Meaning: Very intelligent, Origin: Chinese
  • Da - DAH
    From Chinese 达 (dá) meaning "achieve, arrive at, intelligent" (which is usually only masculine), 大 (dà) meaning "big, great, vast, high", or other characters with a similar pronunciation. Home » Names.
    Meaning: Accomplishing, Origin: Chinese
  • Daquan - də-KWAHN
    Meaning of name Daquan. Etymology : Combination of the popular name elements Da and quan. Saint : Origin : English (African American.
    Meaning: A spring, Origin: Chinese
  • Dequan - də-KWAHN
    De-quan, deq-u-an ] The baby boy name Dequan is pronounced as DIY-KWaaN †. Dequan's language of origin is English-American and it is used mainly in the English language. The name is derived from the combination of the prefix 'De-' and the name Quan. Dequan is a variant transcription of Daquan (English).
    Meaning: Spring, Origin: Chinese
  • Dong - DONK
    Korean Meaning: The name Dong is a Korean baby name. In Korean the meaning of the name Dong is: East.
    Meaning: Born in the east, Origin: Chinese
  • Fa - FAH
    Chinese Meaning: The name Fa is a Chinese baby name. In Chinese the meaning of the name Fa is: Beginning.
    Meaning: To send, pass, Origin: Chinese
  • Fai - FIE
    The name Fai is a baby boy name. The name Fai comes from the Chinese origin. In Chinese the meaning of the name Fai is: Light. Similar Names: Jai ( English )
    Meaning: Initial, Beginning, Origin: Chinese
  • Fan - FAHN
    The name Fan is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Fan is: From France, or free one. Feminine of Francis. Famous bearers: British novelist Frances Burney and actress Frances Kemble.
    Meaning: Lethal, Origin: Chinese
  • Fang - FANK
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fang (Chinese: 方) is the 47th most prevalent Chinese surname. In Chinese, Fāng (方), means "square" or "four-sided". Fāng (方) is pronounced Fong in Cantonese, Hong or Png in some Min Nan dialects and Png or Pung in Teochew.
    Meaning: Pleasant-smelling, Origin: Chinese
  • Fen - FEHN
    Fen may be either a Chinese female given name or family name. As a given name, it is represented in simplified Chinese as 芬 (pinyin: Fēn). Fen may also be a surname in countries other than China, such as Uzbekistan where it is represented in Cyrilic as Фен. Fen or Fenna is also an unrelated Frisian name.
    Meaning: Scent, Origin: Chinese
  • Feng - FEHNG
    The name Feng is a baby boy name. The name Feng comes from the Chinese origin. In Chinese The meaning of the name Feng is: Wind.
    Meaning: Peak, summit, Origin: Chinese
  • Fu - FOO
    From Chinese 富 (fù) meaning "abundant, rich, wealthy", 芙 (fú) meaning "hibiscus, lotus" or 甫 (fǔ) meaning "begin, man, father", in addition to other characters with a similar pronunciation.
    Meaning: Rich, Origin: Chinese
  • Gang - GAHNK
    Gang Name Meaning. German: (Gäng) variant of Geng. German: variant of Gange 2.
    Meaning: Powerful, Origin: Chinese