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  • Zora - ZOH-rə
    Slavic Meaning: The name Zora is a Slavic baby name. In Slavic the meaning of the name Zora is: Dawn.
    Meaning: Born at dawn, aurora Origin: Slovak
  • Andrik
    Slavic Meaning: The name Andrik is a Slavic baby name. In Slavic the meaning of the name Andrik is: Manly; brave.Andrew.
    Meaning: Manly, brave derived from english andrew Origin: Slovakian
  • Boleslaus
    Boleslaw, Bolesław, Boleslav or Boleslaus in Latin, is a male given name of Slavic origin meaning great glory. Feminine forms: Bolesława / Boleslava.
    Meaning: Sorrowful Origin: Slovakian
  • Borka
    The name Borka is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Borka is: Stranger.
    Meaning: Fighter Origin: Slovakian
  • Bozica
    The meaning of the name Bozica is Born At Christmas. The origin of the name Bozica is Slavic.
    Meaning: Born at christmas Origin: Slovakian
  • Bratislav
    Bratislav (Cyrillic script: Братислав) is a Slavic origin given name meaning: "brat" - relative, brother and "slava" - glory, fame. Feminine form is Bratislava. The name may refer to: Bratislav Mijalković, former Serbian football player.
    Meaning: Brother glory Origin: Slovak
  • Casimira
    Feminine form of Casimir, meaning "peacemaker". Often found in Poland, but is also used in Latin America. Famous real-life people named Casimira: | Edit.
    Meaning: Command for peace Origin: Slovakian
  • Danifa
    Slavic Meaning: The name Danifa is a Slavic baby name. In Slavic the meaning of the name Danifa is: Morning star.
    Meaning: Morning star Origin: Slovakian
  • Darva
    100% this week. Gender: Female Meaning of Darva: "honeybee" Origin of Darva: Slavic. Share Darva on Facebook Share on Facebook. Share Darva on Twitter Share on Twitter.
    Meaning: Honey bee Origin: Slovakian
  • Dijana
    Dijana is a Slavic girl name. The meaning of the name is Divine.
    Meaning: Princess Origin: Slovakian
  • Dimitar
    Dimitar is the Bulgarian (and Macedonian) version of Dmitri, which is itself a variation of the name of the Greek goddess Demeter, whose name means earth mother.
    Meaning: Earth mother Origin: Slovak
  • Dimka
    [ syll. dim-ka, di-mka ] The baby boy name Dimka is pronounced DihMKAH †. Dimka is of Germanic origin and it is used largely in the Russian language. Dimka is a variant form of the English, French, German, and Scandinavian Walter. See also the related categories, russian and germanic (german).
    Meaning: Universal Origin: Slovakian
  • Dobrila
    Dobrila Name Meaning. ... The different meanings of the name Dobrila are: Slovak meaning: Good, kind. Czech meaning: Good, kind.
    Meaning: Kind, good Origin: Slovakian
  • Dovidas
    Do-vi-das, dov-id-as ] The baby boy name Dovidas is pronounced DowVAYDaaS †. Dovidas' language of origin is Hebrew. Dovidas is a variant form of the English and Hebrew Dov. See also the related category hebrew. Dovidas is a rarely used baby name for boys.
    Meaning: Friend Origin: Slovakian
  • Dragoslava
    The meaning of the name “Dragoslava” is: “Precious fame”. Categories: Serbian Names, Slavic Names. Used in: Serbian speaking countries. Gender: Girl Names.
    Meaning: Precious fame Origin: Slovak
  • Fedosia
    Slavic Meaning: The name Fedosia is a Slavic baby name. In Slavic the meaning of the name Fedosia is: God's gift.
    Meaning: Gods gift Origin: Slovakian
  • Ikla
    Hungarian Meaning: In Hungarian the meaning of the name Ilka is: Light.
    Meaning: Flattering Origin: Slovakian
  • Jalena
    "Bright" The meaning of the name Jalena is Bright. The origin of the name Jalena is Slavic. This is the culture in which the name originated, or in the case of a word, the language. Form of Jelena (Helen)
    Meaning: Light Origin: Slovakian
  • Jarka
    Jarka Name Meaning. German (of Czech or Sorbian origin): from a pet form of the Slavic personal name Jaroslav.
    Meaning: Springlike Origin: Slovakian
  • Jarmila
    Jarmila is a Slavic origin female given name. Derived from the Slavic elements jary fierce, strong and mil favour. Similar names are Jaromíra and Jaroslava. ... The meaning of the name is derived from word "bujarý" which means sprightly, hilarious.
    Meaning: The grace of spring Origin: Slovakian
  • Javor
    Javor Name Meaning. Hungarian (Jávor); Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, and Bosnian: from South Slavic javor 'maple tree', which is also found as a Slavic loanword in Hungarian.
    Meaning: Maple tree Origin: Slovak
  • Jereni
    The meaning of the name “Jereni” is: “Peaceful”.
    Meaning: Peaceful Origin: Slovakian
  • Jonco
    Jon-co, jo-nco ] The baby boy name Jonco is pronounced JHAANGKow †. Jonco is of Hebrew origin and it is used mainly in the Slavic language. In addition, Jonco is a Slavic form of the English and Hebrew John. ... Variant forms inherit the origin and meaning of the name Jonco.
    Meaning: God is gracious Origin: Slovakian
  • Kasimer
    Meaning: Commands peace Origin: Slovakian
  • Kasimira
    Several Polish kings have borne this name, including Casimir III the Great and Saint Casimir, a patron saint of Poland and Lithuania. The name was imported into Western Europe via Germany, where it was borne by some royalty. Feminine forms are: Casimira, Kazimiera, Kazimira and Kasimira.
    Meaning: Command for peace Origin: Slovakian
  • Kasmira
    Slavic Meaning: The name Kasmira is a Slavic baby name. In Slavic the meaning of the name Kasmira is: Commanding peace.
    Meaning: Commanding peace Origin: Slovakian
  • Kazatimiru
    Meaning: Commands peace Origin: Slovakian
  • Kersten
    A Dutch and Low German patronymic surname, meaning "son of Kerst/Kersten/Kerstijn/Kerstiaen", archaic forms of the name Christian.[1] People with this surname include: Adam Kersten (1930-1983), Polish historian.
    Meaning: Christian Origin: Slovakian
  • Lacko
    Lacko Name Meaning. Hungarian (Lackó): from a pet form of the personal name László (see Laszlo).
    Meaning: Famous ruler Origin: Slovakian
  • Lada
    Lada is a Slavic female given name. In Slavic mythology, Lada is the goddess of beauty, love and marriage. It may be derived from the word lad (order), the Old Czech lada (girl, maid) or Serbian and Croatian mlada (bride). Pronounced lah-dah. Lada is also a shortened name for the Slavic names Ladislava and Wladysława.
    Meaning: Goddess of love and fertility Origin: Slovakian