List of Thai Baby Names Meanings

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  • Aroon
    The meaning of the name “Aroon” is: “Dawn”.
    Meaning: To sing Origin: Thai
  • Akara - AK-ha-ra
    Akara is a Cambodian name for girls meaning Letter. Read below for Akara's celebrity and ruler associations, and numerological meanings. If Akara is the one, congratulations!
    Meaning: Alphabet Origin: Thai
  • Anong - AH-nong
    Meaning of name Anong. Etymology : Means "beautiful woman" in Thai. Saint : Origin : Thai.
    Meaning: Gorgeous woman Origin: Thai
  • Apinya - AH-phin-yah
    Apinya name - Meaning of Apinya. 4.8/5 out of 296 votes. Gender Masculine & Feminine Lucky Number 3 See Lucky Number 3 Meaning Usage Thai Pronounced AH-phin-yah Apinya Meaning. Apinya originates in Thai language and it means "magical power". It can be used as both feminine and masculine given names.
    Meaning: Magical power Origin: Thai
  • Boonsri - BOON-see
    Boonsri originates in Thai language and it means "beautiful". Rate this page: Boonsri name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Boonsri.
    Meaning: Beautiful Origin: Thai
  • Busarakham - BOOT-sa-ra-kham
    Meaning: Yellow sapphire Origin: Thai
  • Chakrii - JAK-gree
    Chakrii name - Meaning of Chakrii. 4.2/5 out of 483 votes. Gender Masculine Lucky Number 5 See Lucky Number 5 Meaning Usage Thai Pronounced JAK-gree Chakrii Meaning. Chakrii originates in Thai language and it means "king".
    Meaning: King Origin: Thai
  • Chanchai - CHAAN-chai
    Gender Masculine Lucky Number 11 See Lucky Number 11 Meaning Usage Thai Pronounced CHAAN-chai Chanchai Meaning. Chanchai originates in Thai language and it means "skilled winner". Rate this page: Chanchai name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Chanchai.
    Meaning: Skilled winner Origin: Thai
  • Chaow - CHAO
    Chinese : variant of Chow 1. Chinese : variant of Cao. Chinese : the Chinese character for this name means 'nest'. Its use as a surname has its origin in Chao Lake in modern Anwei province. ... Portuguese (Chão) and Galician: from a common field name derived from Latin planus 'level', 'even', 'flat'.
    Meaning: Quick mind Origin: Thai
  • Chati - CHAAT
    Name Chati generally means The Caller, is of Native American origin, Name Chati is a Masculine (or Boy) name. .
    Meaning: Life Origin: Thai
  • Dang - DANG
    Chinese : The surname Dang comes from a branch of the ruling family of the Zhou dynasty (1122–221 bc) that spread to the state of Jin and the state of Lu. The character now also means 'political party'. German: from an old personal name Tanco, a cognate of modern German denken 'to think', Gedanke 'thoughts'.
    Meaning: Red Origin: Thai
  • Duangkamol - DOOAN-ga-mohn
    Meaning: From the heart Origin: Thai
  • Duanphen - DOOAN-phen
    Meaning: Full moon Origin: Thai
  • Dusit - DOO-sit
    First, Dusit is the mythological name for the fourth of the seven levels of heaven. Second, King Rama VI took the name adding "Thani," meaning "Town" in Thai, to be the title of a model city for democratic society, where everyone would live in happiness and freedom.
    Meaning: Fourth land of heaven Origin: Thai
  • Gamon - GAH-mon
    This long-established surname has two possible sources, each with its own origin and derivation. Firstly, it may be of Anglo-Saxon origin, from a nickname for a merry or sporty person, derived from the Middle English "gamme", amusement, pastime, from the Olde English pre 7th Century "gamen".
    Meaning: From the heart Origin: Thai
  • Hathai - HAH-thai
    The name Hathai is a girl's name meaning "heart". Hathai. From the experts: A rare name in Thailand. Find other names based on Hathai using our baby name generator.
    Meaning: Heart Origin: Thai
  • Kamon - GAH-mon
    Given Name KAMON. GENDER: Masculine & Feminine. USAGE: Thai. OTHER SCRIPTS: กมล (Thai)
    Meaning: From the heart Origin: Thai
  • Kanda - GAHN-dah
    Kanda Name Meaning. Japanese: from a common place name throughout Japan meaning 'divine rice paddy'; also pronounced Kamita and Koda.
    Meaning: Darling Origin: Thai
  • Khajee - KHA-jee
    Al-Khaleej (Arabic: الخليج‎‎) is an Arabic word which means Gulf.
    Meaning: Green Origin: Thai
  • Klahan - GLA-han
    Given Name KLAHAN. GENDER: Masculine. USAGE: Thai. OTHER SCRIPTS: กล้าหาญ (Thai)
    Meaning: Courageous Origin: Thai
  • Kulap - GOO-lap
    Given Name KULAP. GENDER: Feminine & Masculine. USAGE: Thai. OTHER SCRIPTS: กุหลาบ (Thai)
    Meaning: Rose flower Origin: Thai
  • Kwanjai - KHWAN-chie
    Kwanjai. Origin/Usage Thai Pronunciation KHWAN-chie Meaning Sweetheart. Like the Name Kwanjai? + Kwanjai.
    Meaning: Sweetheart Origin: Thai
  • Lawan - LAH-wan
    The meaning of the name “Lawan” is: “Beautiful”. Categories: Asian Names, Thai Names.
    Meaning: Gorgeous Origin: Thai
  • Malai - MAH-lie
    Meaning of name Malai. Etymology : Means "garland of flowers" in Thai. Saint : Origin : Thai.
    Meaning: Flower garland Origin: Thai
  • Malee - MAH-lee
    Malee is a Thai name for girls meaning Jasmine flower.
    Meaning: Flower Origin: Thai
  • Mali - MAH-lee
    The name Mali is a Welsh baby name. In Welsh the meaning of the name Mali is: Bitter.
    Meaning: Flower plant Origin: Thai
  • Manee - MAH-nee
    Manee Name meaning in Urdu is ایک مصور نے بعد میں ایک نبی ہونے کا دعوی کیا, a Muslim Persian Boy name with lucky number is 1 and Manee Name meaning in English is A Painter Who Later Claimed To Be A Prophet.
    Meaning: Precious stone Origin: Thai
  • Mongkut - MAWNG-kut
    Meaning of name Mongkut. Etymology : Means "crown" in Thai. Saint : Origin : Thai.
    Meaning: Man with crown Origin: Thai
  • Naak - NAAK
    You have searched the English word "Nose" which means "ناک" naak in Urdu.
    Meaning: Golden Origin: Thai
  • Naiyana - NIE-ya-na
    More info about the name "Naiyana" Naiyana originates in Thai language and it means "eye".
    Meaning: Eye Origin: Thai