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  • Reina
    In Spanish the meaning of the name Reina is: Queen.
    Meaning: Pure, Clean, Origin: Yiddish
  • Reyna
    Reyna is an alternate modernized spelling of “reina” which is the Spanish vocabulary word for “queen”. Usage of Reyna and Reina is similar to the Latin Regina which also means “queen” or the Celtic-Welsh Rhiannon (Rihanna) meaning “great queen”.
    Meaning: Pure, Queen, Clean, Origin: Yiddish
  • Ansel - AN-səl
    Ansel is a name derived from the same root as Anselm, a medieval Germanic name of uncertain meaning, perhaps view 'follower of a nobleman' or 'with divine protection'.
    Meaning: Nobleman's follower, Origin: Germanic, Yiddish
  • Berman - BUR-mən
    Berman is a surname that may be derived from the Yiddish phrase בער מאַן meaning "Bear man" and from the Dutch Beerman, meaning the same. Notable people with the surname include: Abba Berman, Polish-Israeli Rosh Yeshiva. Adolf Berman, Polish-Israeli activist and politician.
    Meaning: Bear man, Origin: Germanic, Yiddish
  • Bluma - BLOO-mah
    The meaning of the name Bluma is Flower, Bloom. The origin of the name Bluma is Hebrew.
    Meaning: Flower like, Origin: Yiddish
  • Hirschel - HIR-shehl
    The name Herschel is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Herschel is: Deer.
    Meaning: Deer, Origin: Hebrew, Yiddish
  • Hirsh - HIRSH
    Hirsch Name Meaning. German: from Middle High German hir(t)z 'deer', 'stag'; a metonymic occupational name for a keeper of deer, a nickname for someone thought to resemble a deer or stag, or a habitational name for someone who lived at a house distinguished by the sign of a stag.
    Meaning: Deer, Origin: Hebrew, Yiddish
  • Lieb - LEEB
    Lieb Name Meaning. German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): nickname for a pleasant or agreeable person, from Middle High German liep 'dear', 'beloved'; Yiddish lib or German lieb.
    Meaning: Dear one, Origin: Germanic, Yiddish
  • Lieber - LEEB-ər
    Lieber Name Meaning. German: variant of Lieb 1. German: variant of Liebert.
    Meaning: Dear one, Origin: Germanic, Yiddish
  • Zemel - ZEHM-əl
    Zemel Name Meaning Jewish (Ashkenazic): variant of Semmel.
    Meaning: Bread, Origin: Hebrew, Yiddish