Christian Baby Girl Names Meanings Starting with (So) ×

  • So Young
    The meaning of the name “So Young” is: “Eternal; beautiful and prosperity”. Categories: Korean Names.
    Meaning: A combination of beautiful and everlasting. Origin: Korean
  • Sofee
    Origin of the name Sophie: A borrowing from the Greek, Sophia is directly derived from sophia (wisdom, skill). The name has been in common use in England since the 17th century, when it was bestowed upon the infant daughter of James I.
    Meaning: Wisdom Origin: Greek
  • Soffee
    This very unusual name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and can be either a topographical or a locational name. ... As a locational surname, suggested by the quantity and placing of early recordings of the name in Hampshire, the source may be a now 'lost' place, originally called 'South' or 'soffe', near Eling, in Southampton.
    Meaning: Wisdom Origin: Greek
  • Soffi
    Greek Meaning: The name Sofi is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Sofi is: Wise.
    Meaning: Wisdom Origin: Greek
  • Soffia
    MEANING: This is a female name derived from Sophía / Sofía (σοφία), the Greek word for "wisdom, knowledge, teaching, skill related to everyday life, sound judgment, prudence". ... It was used to represent the personification of wisdom and is also the name of an early Christian martyr.
    Meaning: Wisdom Origin: Greek
  • Soffiah
    The name Sofia is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Sofia is: Wise.
    Meaning: Wisdom Origin: Greek
  • Soffie
    Meaning of the name Sophie. A pet form of the English, German, Italian and Russian Sophia, Sophie is of Old Greek origin meaning 'wisdom'.
    Meaning: Wisdom Origin: Greek
  • Soffy
    Greek Meaning: The name Sophie is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Sophie is: Wisdom; wise.
    Meaning: Wisdom Origin: Greek
  • Sofi
    Greek Meaning: The name Sofi is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Sofi is: Wise.
    Meaning: Wisdom Origin: Greek
  • Sofie
    The name Sofie is a Dutch baby name. In Dutch the meaning of the name Sofie is: Wise.
    Meaning: Wisdom Origin: Greek
  • Sofier
    Soifer Name Meaning. Jewish (from Ukraine and Poland): variant of Soffer.
    Meaning: Wise Origin: Greek
  • Sofiya
    The name Sofiya is an Ukrainian baby name. In Ukrainian the meaning of the name Sofiya is: Wisdom.
    Meaning: Wisdom Origin: Greek
  • Sofiyah
    According to a user from Indonesia, the name Sofiyah is of Greek origin and means "Wisdosm". A submission from Illinois, United States says the name Sofiyah means "Wisdom" and is of Hebrew origin.
    Meaning: Wisdom Origin: Greek
  • Sofiyko
    Meaning: Wisdom Origin: Cornish
  • Sofronia
    Meaning & History. Feminine form of SOPHRONIUS. Torquato Tasso used it in his epic poem 'Jerusalem Delivered' (1580), in which it is borne by the lover of Olindo.
    Meaning: Wise Origin: Greek
  • Sofy
    Sofy [so-fy] as a girls' name is of Greek origin, and the name Sofy means "wisdom". Sofy is a version of Sophia (Greek).
    Meaning: Wisdom Origin: Greek
  • Sohnia
    Meaning: Wisdom Origin: Greek
  • Sohnnja
    Meaning: Wisdom Origin: Greek
  • Sokanon
    Sokanon. [ syll. so-ka-non, sok-an-on ] The baby girl name Sokanon is pronounced SAAKEYNAHN †. Sokanon's language of origin is Native American. The meaning of the name is 'born of the rain'.
    Meaning: Rain Origin: Native American
  • Sokw
    The meanings of some names are unknown or unclear. The most common European name in this category may be the Irish name Ryan, which means 'little king' in Irish Gaelic. Also, Celtic origin of the name Arthur, meaning 'bear'.
    Meaning: Sour Origin: Native American
  • Solada
    The meaning of the name “Solada” is: “Listener”. Categories: Thai Names. Used in: Hindi speaking countries.
    Meaning: Listener Origin: Thai
  • Solaina
    Meaning: Dignified Origin: French
  • Solaine
    French meaning: The name Solaine is a French baby name The French meaning of Solaine is: Dignified.
    Meaning: Dignified Origin: French
  • Solana
    The name Solana is a Spanish baby name. In Spanish the meaning of the name Solana is: Sunshine.
    Meaning: Sunshine Origin: Spanish
  • Solange
    It is of French and Latin origin, and the meaning of Solange is "solemn, dignified". A saint's name. A fanciful meaning for the name is "angel of the sun".
    Meaning: Rare jewel Origin: French
  • Soledad
    Means "solitude" in Spanish. It is taken from the title of the Virgin Mary, María de Soledad, meaning "Mary of Solitude".
    Meaning: Solitude Origin: Spanish
  • Soledada
    Soledad, Spanish for "solitude", often refers to María de la Soledad (Our Lady of Solitude), a variant name of Mary the mother of Jesus, in Roman Catholic tradition.
    Meaning: Solitary Origin: Spanish
  • Solita
    Solita in Spanish, literally means "little loner". i.e. "Ana está solita" translates to 'Ana is lonely'. "Solita" is very much used as a caring way , referring to lonely girls. It comes from the word "sola" (alone) with the "ita" suffix to make it a diminutive form.
    Meaning: Alone Origin: Latin
  • Solona
    So-lo-na, sol-ona ] The baby girl name Solona is pronounced as SOWLAHNAH †. Solona's language of origin is Old Greek. Solona is of the meaning 'wisdom'. ... Solona is a seldom used baby name for girls. It is not in the top 1000 names.
    Meaning: Wise Origin: Greek
  • Solone
    Greek Meaning: The name Solone is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Solone is: Wise.
    Meaning: Wise Origin: Greek