Shubham Name Meaning in English

Shubham name meanings in English, personality, lucky number, lucky stone, origin and religion

In Indian, the name Shubham means - auspicious or lucky.The name Shubham originated as an Indian name. The name Shubham is most often used as a boy name or male name. Indian Name Meaning - auspicious or lucky. Origin - India.


Meaning: Auspicious

Shubham name meaning and details.

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Shubham Name Meaning in Hindi

Write Shubham in Hindi
(Shubham pronunciation in different languages)

Hindi: शुभम 

Hindi Name Birth Star, Janam Nakshatra, Rashi and Lucky Number

  1. 9
  2. 3
  3. Kumbha (G, S, SH)
  4. Sathabisham (GO, SA, SI, SU, S, SEE)

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What is the meaning of Shubham ?

Shubham is baby boy name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Shubham name meanings is Auspicious.
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Shubham is written in Hindi as शुभम . Other similar sounding names can be Shubam.

Answers for the most frequently asked questions about name Shubham

What does Shubham name mean?

Shubham is one of the most loved baby boy name, its meaning is auspicious, is शुभ क - (shubh ka) good luck.

How to write Shubham in Hindi?

Well, Shubham can be written in various beautiful fonts in Hindi as शुभम .

What is the lucky number of Shubham?

Lucky number is not a belief system but reality. The lucky number associated with the name Shubham is "9".

What is the religion of the name Shubham?

The people with name Shubham are mostly known as Hindu.

What is the origin of the name Shubham?

Most of the hindu names are orginated from Hindi origin.

Is the name Shubham difficult to pronounce?

Shubham name has 7 letter and 1 word and it average name but still not very hard to pronounce.

Is Shubham name is short?

No! Shubham is an average length name.

What is the syllables for Shubham?

The syllables for the name Shubham is 3.

What is Shubham's Rashi and Nakshatra?

The rashi of name Shubham is Kumbha (g, s, sh) and Nakshatra is SATHABISHAM (go, sa, si, su, s, see). People with name Shubham are mainly by religion Hindu.

Exploring Shubham's Personality

Shubham has the numerology 8. The gender of this name Shubham is Boy. They are also thought to be practical endeavors. These people do not keep themselves in fascinating things rather they keep a practical approach towards everything.

Those who have the numerology 8 are not thought to be extremely positive because of some of their qualities. The meaning of this name is Auspicious. These people are always seeking power, and they also have some really high goals but all are related to materialistic things.

These are the people who are very status-oriented and they also do not believe in coming out of that bubble for anyone. The religion is hindu. These people look at the status of the other person before knowing their personalities because that is how they are built.

What we know about Shubham

The first and most important thing that should always be your priority after giving birth to a baby is to look for appropriate names. if you do not choose an appropriate name then you might be regretting it forever. If you do not choose the right name for your baby then your baby might as well struggle with their name too. So, there are a few things that you should look into when you are choosing the name. if you do not know what these things are then do not worry because we will explain it to you.

Right pronunciation:

The first thing that you should look for when you are selecting a name is pronunciation. If the pronunciation is really tough then it will get really tough for your baby. Tough pronunciation makes it harder for others to understand the name. always choose names with easy pronunciation, this will make both your and your kids’ life easy.

Right meaning:

The next thing which again is really important when you are choosing the name is the meaning of the name. there are a lot of people who believe that when the meaning of the name is not correct it impacts the personality in a wrong way. So, you should always look if the meaning of the name is right or not. This will help you a lot in finding and choosing the right name. You should also look for Shubham name meaning. 

Easy or tough:

The third and last thing that should be looked at in a name or makes a name a good one is if it is an easy one or a tough one. The name should always be easy. If you choose a really tough name then it will get hard for your kid. If you are looking for names that are unique always also look for the ease of it.

In this article, we are going to talk about one really good male name which is Shubham. We will also talk about all the details related to that name so you know everything about it.

The basic details of Shubham's name:

Starting off with the basic details of the name Shubham, we know that this name is a Hindu name. the name Shubham comes from names that are slightly on the tough side. This name is also a bit hard but because it is a unique and popular name, you can go with this name. The name Shubham is also known to be a long name because it consists of 7 letters. This is actually a very long name.

Meaning and origin of the name:

Apart from everything else that people want to know about any name, the first priority is always the meaning and origin of the name. if you are wondering what is the meaning of Shubham we will also let you know that. Because we know that Shubham is a Hindu name so it clearly shows that the origin of this name is also Hindi. This name is really popular in India and people love choosing this name for their babies. The name Shubham is for males and is also perfectly unique.

Coming to the next part which is the meaning of the name, this name Shubham has two meanings. The first meaning of the name Shubham is lucky, and the second one is auspicious. You can choose this name because the meanings sure are really good.

Personality and numerology:

The next thing that we think you might be excited to know is the personality and the numerology of the name Shubham. Everybody wants to know about the numerology of the name because it depicts the personality and makes it easy for your to decide. The numerology of the name Shubham is 8. The people who have the numerology number 8 are usually very practical type. 
They are not somebody who makes decisions depending on their emotions. They look at everything with a really practical approach. They are also not the kind to stay in fantasies. They believe in looking at everything with a very clear mindset.

They are also the kind who always believe in setting goals that are really high. They also find ways to achieve all those goals. They are the kind of people who like to spread happiness all around too. when you meet these people you also start to feel really positive.

The only bad trait that these people have is that them being really practical. The fact that they are really practical also makes them slightly cold towards everything. When they need it dealing with things that need an emotional approach they still act really tough. If they get rid of this trait then they would be really perfect.

Lucky things:

If you have looked at all the details of the name Shubham then you would also want to look at the lucky things about this name. The first thing is the lucky number which for this name is 9. 
The lucky colors for this name are thought to be pink and red. The lucky days for the name Shubham are Friday and Tuesday. The lucky stone for this name is Ruby. These are all the lucky things that are associated with this name.

Similar names and famous people:

If you are looking for similar names then we would suggest some. Some of the similar names are Shivam, Satyam, naman, and Shashank. About the famous people, there are no famous people with this name or too famous also. That does not matter when you are choosing a name that you like.

Is it a good name?

There are a lot of people who before choosing a name also look for things like if it is a good name or not. So, for the kindest information, we would like to tell you that this name is really good and is also very unique. If you are thinking of choosing this name, then be worries free because you sure are making the right choice. You will never regret choosing this name, and it will also turn out to be a great decision. If you want, you can also look for more such names.

Popular personalities with Shubham Name.

Shubham Khajuria
Shubham Khajuria

Shubham was born on September 13th, 1995 in Jammu.

Shubham Desai
Shubham Desai

Shubham Desai is a sports team member for the Vasco S.C.

Shubham Dhas
Shubham Dhas

Shubham Dhas is an athlete for the DSK Shivajians F.C.

Shubham Shrestha
Shubham Shrestha

Shubham Shrestha is an athlete for the Machhindra Football Club.

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