List of Names with "Valuable" in Meaning

A collection of baby names with meaning of valuable. We found in our database 7 names have the similar meanings. If you want to hold this word 'Valuable' for your lovely kid, please proceed to collection and choose any of the alternative in the list given below:

  • Amol
    The meaning of the name “Amol” is: “Priceless”. Categories: Hindi Names, Hindu Names, Indian Names, Sanskrit Names. Used in: Hindi speaking countries. Gender: Boy Names.
    Meaning: Priceless, Valuable, Origin: Hindi
  • Amul
    Hindi Meaning: The name Amul is a Hindi baby name. In Hindi the meaning of the name Amul is: Valuable.
    Meaning: Priceless, Valuable, Origin: Hindi
  • Koustubh
    Kaustubh (Sanskrit कौस्तुभ:) is a divine jewel or "Mani", which is in the possession of Lord Vishnu who lives in the Ksheer Sagar - "the ocean of milk". It is the most valuable ratna in the whole world.
    Meaning: The most valuable stone, Origin: Hindi
  • Maulik
    Maulik is a Gujarati name for boys meaning Precious. Read below for Maulik's celebrity and ruler associations, and numerological meanings. If Maulik is the one, congratulations! If you'd like more options, try our Random Baby Names and Meanings.
    Meaning: Precious, Valuable, Origin: Hindi
  • Moulik
    Baby Name : Moulik. Gender : boy. Origin : Bengali, Hindu, Indian, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu. Moulik Meaning: Imple; Valuable. Variant: Moulik.
    Meaning: Precious, Valuable, Origin: Hindi
  • Anagi
    Meaning: Valuable, Origin: Hindi
  • Gannika
    Name Gannika or (no variations) means Valuable, Cherished, The Jasmine blossom. ... Gannika named person having mastery of organizing anything.
    Meaning: Valuable, Cherished, The Jasmine blossom, Origin: Hindi