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  • Sufyan
    A common Muslim name, though its origin predates Islam. Possibly of Persian origin meaning, "a walking thunderstorm," "sand storm," or "walking quickly" Famous real-life people named Sufyan: | Edit. Abu Sufyan ibn Harith was a companion and cousin of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and prayers upon him).
    Meaning: Old Arabic name, Origin: Arabic
  • Hindah
    In hebrew meaning is : Doe,female deer.
    Meaning: She was the wife of Abu Sufyan, Origin: Arabic
  • Jubair Jubayr
    Jubayr or Jubair is an Arabic masculine given name, which means "mender", "unbreaker".
    Meaning: Old Arabic name, Origin: Urdu
  • Jubair
    Jubair is an Arabic name for boys meaning Old Arabic name.
    Meaning: Counsels or brings together, Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr, Old Arabic name, Origin: Arabic
  • Kabr
    Ka-bar, kab-ar ] The baby boy name Kabar is pronounced as KAHBAAR †. Kabar is derived from Sanskrit origins. Kabar is a variant form of the Arabic and English name Kabir. See also the related category sanskrit.
    Meaning: Name from Kabir, Origin: Hindi
  • Kabir
    Kabir is a common boy's name which comes from the Arabic Al-Kabir which means 'The Great' – the 37th name of God in Islam. Kabir was a mystic poet and saint of India whose writings have greatly influenced the Bhakti movement.
    Meaning: Great, grand, magnificent, senior, Allah's epithet, Origin: Arabic
  • Neema - NEE-mah
    The name Neema is a baby girl name. The name Neema comes from the African origin. In African The meaning of the name Neema is: Born in prosperity. (Swahili).
    Meaning: Born to wealthy parents, The mother of Kabir, To adjust, Origin: Hindi
  • Nima
    In Tibetan Nima (also spelled as "Nyima") is also a female or male given name which means 'the sun', also the one with radiance of the Sun. And in Hebrew as a female given name it means 'grace, mercy'.
    Meaning: Born to wealthy parents, The mother of Kabir, To adjust, Small, blessing in Arabic, Origin: Hindi
  • Abdul kabir
    Abdul Kabir is a Muslim name for boys meaning Slave of the Great.
    Meaning: Slave of the Gracious, Abdul Karim al-Jazari was a narrator of hadith, Origin: Arabic

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