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  • Jul
    Resolution, firm will
  • Julaybib
    Brave Martyr, A Companion of the Prophet saaws who was dwarfed, described as ugly, and of unknown lineage, yet the Prophet saaws found great favor in him, selecting a wife for him, and saying, He is of me and I am of him" when Julaybib died as a mart
  • Jule
    From the tribe named julier
  • Juleata
    Bearded, father of the skies
  • Juleate
    Bearded, father of the skies
  • Julee
    A form of julie
  • Juleet
    Bearded, father of the skies
  • Julek - YUW-lek
    Wearing a soft beard
  • Jules - JOOLZ
    Soft-haired, soft-bearded
  • Juli - YOO-lee