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Myra (/ˈmaɪərə/ MYRE-ə) together with its other orthographical version Mira is a feminine given name with varying meanings. It is related to the Latin, Sanskrit and Slavic words for "wonder", "peace" and "wonderful". ... He possibly based it on Latin myrra meaning "myrrh".

Mayra name meaning and details.

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Read Mayra Name Meaning in Hindi

Write Mayra in Hindi
(Mayra pronunciation in different languages)

Hindi: मायरा

Hindi Name Birth Star, Janam Nakshatra, Rashi and Lucky Number

  1. 22
  2. 3
  3. Simha (M, TT)
  4. Makha (MA, ME, MU, MI)

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What is the meaning of Mayra ?

Mayra is baby girl name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Mayra name meanings is Beloved, Uncertain.
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Mayra is written in Hindi as मायरा. Other similar sounding names can be Maariya, Maira, Marah, Maria, Mariya, Mariyah, Marwa, Marwah, Mary, Marya, Maura, Maury, Maurya, Mawar, Mawara, Mayoor, Mayoora, Mayura, Mayuri, Meer, Meera, Mehr, Mehry, Meru, Merwa, Mir, Mir wais, Mira, Mirah, Miraya, Moriya, Morya, Mourya, Mueerah, Muhra, Myra.

Answers for the most frequently asked questions about name Mayra

What does Mayra name mean?

Mayra is one of the most loved baby girl name, its meaning is beloved, uncertain, is जानम, अनिश्चित - (jaanam, anishchit) a variation of myra, from the latin myrra, meaning "myrrh"..

How to write Mayra in Hindi?

Well, Mayra can be written in various beautiful fonts in Hindi as मायरा.

What is the lucky number of Mayra?

Lucky number is not a belief system but reality. The lucky number associated with the name Mayra is "22".

What is the religion of the name Mayra?

The people with name Mayra are mostly known as Hindu.

What is the origin of the name Mayra?

Most of the hindu names are orginated from Hindi origin.

Is the name Mayra difficult to pronounce?

Mayra name has 5 letter and 1 word and it short and easy to pronounce.

Is Mayra name is short?

Absolutely! Mayra is a short name.

What is the syllables for Mayra?

The syllables for the name Mayra is 3.

What is Mayra's Rashi and Nakshatra?

The rashi of name Mayra is Simha (m, tt) and Nakshatra is MAKHA (ma, me, mu, mi). People with name Mayra are mainly by religion Hindu.

Mayra Name Combinations.

You probably have google this question: My baby name is Mayra and how can I combine the name Mayra with other names and create unique & new name? We tried to suggest Mayra name combinations. You can see how it looks the name Mayra as first name or Mayra as last name. You can combine the middle name for Mayra and create a unique name.

Mayra as First Name
  • Name
    Popularity %
  • Mayra Rivera
  • Mayra Gonzalez
  • Mayra Ramirez
  • Mayra Rodriguez

Popular personalities with Mayra Name.

Mayra Rosales
Mayra Rosales

Mayra was given the name Mayra Lizbeth Rosales in 1980. Mayra is also known as Rosales and Mayra Lizbeth.

Mayra Andrade
Mayra Andrade

Mayra Andrade is a morna (music), funana, batuque (music, dance), coladeira, and jazz musician. She plays Vocals. She was most active from 2001 to present. Mayra was born on February 13th, 1985 in Havana.

Mayra Veronica
Mayra Veronica

Mayra Veronica is a model, actress, singer, recording artist, tv personality, and model (people). Mayra was given the name Mayra Veronica Aruca Rodriguez on August 20th, 1980 in Havana, Cuba.

Mayra Serbulo
Mayra Serbulo

Mayra Serbulo is an actress. Mayra was born in Santa Maria Jalapa del Marques.

Maria Gadu
Maria Gadu

Maria Gadu is a musica popular brasileira, pop music, samba, bossa nova, rock music, and blues musician. She plays Guitar and Vocals. Maria was given the name Mayra Correa Aygadoux on December 4th, 1986 in Sao Paulo. Maria is also known as Maria Gadu and Mayra Correa Aygadoux.

Mayra Dias Gomes
Mayra Dias Gomes

Mayra Dias Gomes is a novelist. Mayra was born on December 15th, 1987 in Rio de Janeiro.


Mayra is a pop music, latin music (genre), and pop rock actress, singer, actor, and singing. She plays Vocals. Mayra was given the name Mayra Alejandra Goni Gastiaburu in Lima. Mayra is also known as Mayra.

Other Personalities with Mayra Name.

Mayra Aguiar

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Calculate Numerology for Mayra

# Ltr index Letter in Name Position of Letter
0 M 4
1 A 1
2 Y 1
3 R 2
4 A 1
Numerology of name Mayra 9

Discovering Personality Type of Mayra

Mayra has the numerology 9. The meaning of this name is Beloved, Uncertain. People with numerology number 9 are the people who are thought to be very selfless and very kind towards the people and everyone around them. These are the people who are always thinking of others over themselves and they take care of everyone around them.

These people believe in creative expression and that is one reason why they are thought to be very humanitarian. The gender of this name Mayra is Girl. They always think of what they can do for the humanity.

The religion is hindu. These are the people who are very obligatory of everything and they also only believe in giving and you will definitely never find these people in takers because they are always the givers. They do not wait for others to do things for them so that they can do it in return rather they are first one to make a move.

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