• Fa - FAH
    Chinese Meaning: The name Fa is a Chinese baby name. In Chinese the meaning of the name Fa is: Beginning.
    Meaning: To send, pass, Origin: Chinese
  • Fabian
    The name Fabian is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Fabian is: From the Roman clan name Fabius, meaning bean-grower or bean-seller. Famous bearer: Popular American singer Fabian, St Fabian - 3rd-century pope and martyr.
    Meaning: A bean, Origin: Latin
  • Fabiola - fah-bee-O-lah
    Fabiola is a female name of Latin/Roman origin. It is the diminutive of Fabia, the female form of the Roman family clan name Fabius, which may possibly be derived from Latin faba "bean" (see Fabia (gens), Origin of the gens).
    Meaning: A bean, Origin: Latin
  • Fallon - FA-lən
    Fallon is an Irish surname and refers to the clan name Ó Fallamháin or Ó Fallúin. "Fallon" is also an Irish non-gender specific first name and means "Leader" or "granddaughter/grandson of a rich king."
    Meaning: A command woman, Origin: Gaelic
  • Falon
    Irish Meaning: The name Falon is an Irish baby name. In Irish the meaning of the name Falon is: In charge.
    Meaning: Leader, Origin: Gaelic
  • Fan - FAHN
    The name Fan is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Fan is: From France, or free one. Feminine of Francis. Famous bearers: British novelist Frances Burney and actress Frances Kemble.
    Meaning: Lethal, Origin: Chinese
  • Fang - FANK
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fang (Chinese: 方) is the 47th most prevalent Chinese surname. In Chinese, Fāng (方), means "square" or "four-sided". Fāng (方) is pronounced Fong in Cantonese, Hong or Png in some Min Nan dialects and Png or Pung in Teochew.
    Meaning: Pleasant-smelling, Origin: Chinese
  • Farron
    Farron is a name of Anglo-Saxon origin and came from the given name Farimond. The surname Farron originally derived from the Old French word Ferrant which meant iron-grey.
    Meaning: Adventurous, Origin: English