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  • Hasse - HAHS-she
    Hasse Name Meaning. German and Dutch: variant of Hass 1. English: topographic name from an unattested Old English word, hasse 'coarse grass', or a habitational name from a minor place, such as The Hasse in Soham, Cambridgeshire, named from this word.
    Meaning: God is merciful Origin: Hebrew, Swedish
  • Hedda - HE-dah
    In German the meaning of the name Hedda is: Refuge in war or struggle. Strife. Vigorous battle maiden. A . The heroine of the Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen's play 'Hedda Gahler'.
  • Hella - HE-lah
    Hella as a girls' name is of Greek derivation, and the name Hella means "sun ray; prosperous, successful; holy". Hella is a version of Helen (Greek): linked to Greek hêlios "sun". Hella is also a form of Helga (Scandinavian, Old Norse).
  • Helmi - HEHL-mi
    Helmi is a feminine given name. In Estonian and Finnish the name means pearl or bead. The name is derived from the Proto-Baltic-Finnic *helmes, or 'amber'. In Finland, Helmi is also used as a short form of the name Vilhelmiina or Vilhelmina.
    Meaning: Stout protector Origin: Finnish, Germanic, Swedish
  • Hemming - HEM-ing
    Perhaps derived from Old Norse hamr "shape", and possibly originally a nickname for a person believed to be a shape changer.
    Meaning: Changing shapes Origin: Danish, Norwegian, Old Norse, Swedish
  • Hildur - HIL-door
    Hildur is one of several female given names derived from the name Hild formed from Old Norse hildr, meaning "battle". Hild, a Nordic-German Bellona, was a Valkyrie who conveyed fallen warriors to Valhalla. Warfare was often called Hild's Game.
  • Hillevi - hi-LEH-vi
    The meaning of the name “Hillevi” is: “Safe in battle”. Categories: Scandinavian Names. Used in: Germanic speaking countries. Gender: Girl Names. Origins: Danish.
    Meaning: Happy in war Origin: Finnish, Old Norse, Swedish
  • Hjalmar - HYAL-mahr
    From the Old Norse name Hjálmarr meaning "helmeted warrior" from the element hjalmr "helmet" combined with arr "warrior".
    Meaning: Fighter with a helmet Origin: Danish, Norwegian, Old Norse, Swedish
  • Holger - HAWL-ger
    Holger is a Scandinavian masculine given name derived from the Old Norse name Hólmgeirr, a compound of hólmr meaning "island", and geirr meaning "spear". It is most common amongst Danish people. It is uncommon as a surname, but is found as Holkeri in Finnish.
    Meaning: Island of spears Origin: Danish, Norwegian, Old Norse, Swedish
  • Ingemar - IN-geh-mahr
    Meaning of name Ingemar. Etymology : From the Old Norse name Ingimárr, derived from the name of the Germanic god ING combined with mærr "famous". Saint : Origin : Swedish.
    Meaning: Famous god Origin: Old Norse, Swedish
  • Ingolf - IN-gawlf
    From the Old Norse name Ingólfr, which was derived from the name of the Germanic god ING combined with úlfr meaning "wolf".
    Meaning: Ing's wolf Origin: Danish, Norwegian, Old Norse, Swedish
  • Jerk - YEHRK
    In the United States, "jerk" refers to a person who is rude or mean. ... I was told this story about a Swedish man who went on business to America. His name is Jerk Feling. They kept calling out for him at the airport, and it sounded terrible as you can imagine. The name unfortunately does not translate well.
    Meaning: King forever Origin: Old Norse, Swedish
  • Jerker - YEHR-kər
    Behind the Name: Meaning, origin and history of the name Jerker.
    Meaning: King forever Origin: Old Norse, Swedish
  • Jonna - YAW-nah
    Jonna. 12% this week. Gender: Female Meaning of Jonna: "God is gracious" Origin of Jonna: Feminine variation of John. Share Jonna on Facebook Share on Facebook. Share Jonna on Twitter Share on Twitter.
  • Kajsa - KIE-sah
    Meanings and history of the name Kajsa: | Edit. Swedish pet name for Karin or Katarina. Related to the name Katherine. Pronounced: KI-sah or KI-suh. Meanings: pure, queen.
    Meaning: Chaste, Pure Origin: Greek, Swedish
  • Kare - KAH-reh
    Norse Meaning: The name Kare is a Norse baby name. In Norse the meaning of the name Kare is: Tremendous.
    Meaning: Curvy Origin: Danish, Norwegian, Old Norse, Swedish
  • Karina - kah-REE-nah
    Karina"/Kariːnɑː/" is a female given name of modern usage. It can be a variant spelling of Carina (from Latin carus = love) or a short form of Katarina/Katrina. It is mainly used in Greece, Scandinavia and Poland; when spelt Carina it is used in Italy and Spain.
  • Kerstin - KER-stin
    Swedish Meaning: The name Kerstin is a Swedish baby name. In Swedish the meaning of the name Kerstin is: Christian.
    Meaning: Christian woman Origin: Latin, Swedish
  • Kettil - KEH-til
    Meaning: Large pot Origin: Old Norse, Swedish
  • Kjell - SHEL
    Kjell is a masculine given name in Norway, Finland and Sweden, in Denmark the cognate is Kjeld or Keld. It is derived from the Old Norse: kętill, meaning "kettle," "cauldron," or "helmet." In 2007, there were 59,011 men in Sweden with "Kjell" as their first name, making it the 42nd most common masculine name in Sweden.
    Meaning: Large pot Origin: Norwegian, Old Norse, Swedish
  • Kjerstin - KYER-stin
    Meaning and origin. Kjerstin is a Norwegian girl name. The meaning of the name is Anointed, Follower of Christ.
  • Klas - KLAHS
    Swedish Meaning: The name Klas is a Swedish baby name. In Swedish the meaning of the name Klas is: People's victory.
    Meaning: People's triumph Origin: Greek, Swedish
  • Lasse - LAHS-she
    Given Name LASSE. GENDER: Masculine. USAGE: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish. PRONOUNCED: LAHS-se (Danish, Finnish) [details]
  • Linnea - LEE-ne-ah
    Linnéa is a female given name of Swedish origin. It has two derivations, both of which are linked to the famous 18th-century Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus, who was ennobled as Carl von Linné later in life.
    Meaning: Like a twinflower Origin: Swedish
  • Lotta - LAW-ta
    The name Lotta is a Swedish baby name. In Swedish the meaning of the name Lotta is: Masculine.
    Meaning: Free woman Origin: Finnish, Germanic, Swedish
  • Ludde - LOOD-deh
    Namesakes. Ludde is an IKEA product name (sheepskin). The name is not based on the given name, though, but on the Swedish vocabulary word luddig = 'fluffy', 'woolly'
  • Majken - MIE-ken
    Origin of the name Maria: Latin form of Mary, which is derived from the Hebrew Miryām, a name of debated meaning. Many believe it to mean "sea of bitterness" or "sea of sorrow." However, some sources cite the alternative definitions of "rebellion," "wished-for child," and "mistress or lady of the sea."
  • Margareta - mahr-ga-RE-tah
  • Mats - MAHTS
    The name Mats is a Swedish baby name. In Swedish the meaning of the name Mats is: gift from God'.
  • Moa - MAW-ah
    Possibly derived from Swedish moder meaning "mother". This was the pen name of the Swedish author Moa Martinson (real name Helga Maria Martinson).
    Meaning: She is mother Origin: Swedish