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What does the name Phaedra mean? What is the meaning of the name Phaedra, lucky number, lucky stone, origin and religion.

From the Greek Φαιδρα (Phaidra), derived from φαιδρος (phaidros) meaning "bright". Phaedra was the daughter of Minos and the wife of Theseus in Greek mythology. Aphrodite caused her to fall in love with her stepson Hippolytos, and after she was rejected by him she killed herself.


Meaning: Bright

Phaedra Name Meaning, Origin & Details

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Phaedra Name Meaning in Hindi

How do you write your name Phaedra in Hindi ?
(Phaedra pronunciation in different languages)

How to write Phaedra in Hindi ?फाएद्रा

Phaedra Name Lucky Number

Practical endeavors, status-oriented, power-seeking, high-material goals
More polite and sweet people group. More attractive to opposite gender, self believe, more desires about home and luxuries about livings.

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What Does Name Phaedra Mean?

Phaedra is baby boy name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Phaedra name meanings is Bright. Phaedra is written in Hindi as फाएद्रा.

Phaedra Name Numerology And Personality

Phaedra has the numerology 8. The gender of this name Phaedra is Boy. They are also thought to be practical endeavors. These people do not keep themselves in fascinating things rather they keep a practical approach towards everything.

Those who have the numerology 8 are not thought to be extremely positive because of some of their qualities. The meaning of this name is Bright. These people are always seeking power, and they also have some really high goals but all are related to materialistic things.

These are the people who are very status-oriented and they also do not believe in coming out of that bubble for anyone. The religion is Hindu. These people look at the status of the other person before knowing their personalities because that is how they are built.

Popular personalities with Phaedra Name.

Phaedra Parks
Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks is an entertainment attorney. Phaedra was given the name Phaedra C. Parks on October 25th, 1971 in Athens, Georgia, U.S.

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins
Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

Phaedra was born in Mount Vernon, Washington.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Name Phaedra

What does Phaedra name mean?

Phaedra is one of the most loved baby boy name, its meaning is bright, is उज्ज्वल - (ujjval) glowing.

How to write Phaedra in Hindi?

Well, Phaedra can be written in various beautiful fonts in Hindi as फाएद्रा.

What is the religion of the name Phaedra?

The people with name Phaedra are mostly known as Hindu.

What is the origin of the name Phaedra?

Most of the hindu names are orginated from Hindi origin.

Is the name Phaedra difficult to pronounce?

Phaedra name has 7 letter and 1 word and it average name but still not very hard to pronounce.

Is Phaedra name is short?

No! Phaedra is an average length name.